3 Fervent Travelers

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10 Hallelujah 3:39 $2.49 Buy
11 Orange Blosson Special 4:58 $2.49 Buy

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Glowing… very hot… marked by great intensity of feeling… impassioned… Time For Three are Three Fervent Travelers. Double bassist Ranaan Meyer and violinists Zach DePue and Nick Kendall have been traveling fervently since the formation of their group eight years ago. They've crisscrossed Americana, literally and then figuratively through their music since first jamming together at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia… a town that gets its shout out in the phonetic spelling of Philly Phunk on the album you hold in your hands. This album, TF3's 3FT, encapsulates the culmination of years and miles together as a band of brothers. It opens with Wyoming 307, an ode to the great state and its singular area code, a tune that often slips seamlessly live into Forget About It, or as pronounced in Philly, Fuhgeddaboutit. We trek next to Ecuador, a travelogue in song that evokes the daily temperate highs and lows and manic modes of transport in a foreign land… then on to origins in Essex England, home of singer Imogen Heap, arranging her vocal Hide and Seek to speak here through different ancient instruments. And Don Don, whose genesis lay in a late-night, caffeine fuelled drive to a gig in the Poconos. With Zach and Nick dozing in the van, Don Don hit Ranaan as he drove winding mountain roads through the night. They arrived in the wee hours, Ranaan wrote it all down, the trio put it together and they performed it that night… fervent travelers, indeed! From Pennsylvanian mountains East, these young men go West, to Pittsburgh, in Of Time and Three Rivers, evoking the industry of the city and the three waterways that inspire this piece… And then back home to that Philly Phunk… followed by introspective Sundays and the pizzicato pluck of Nick's Quail Hollow… and Hallelujah, to Leonard Cohen's opus and to another fervent traveler, The Orange Blossom Special, the legendary luxury train line that ran the Eastern Seaboard, immortalized in a raucous tune that's become the traditional closer at Tf3 shows and laid down here on the third album again for good measure. So all aboard, Time for Three's Three Fervent Travelers is a heckava ride… to take again and again…
We'll see you on down the road!
-NBC and Tf3