Al Qantarah - Abbalati abballati! - Songs and sounds in Medieval Sicily

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Al Qantarah - Abbalati abballati! - Songs and sounds in Medieval Sicily 1:19:55 $17.98
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1 Suriat Mariam - 1st part 4:00 $2.49 Buy
2 Canto di Carnevale - Tammuriddara - Assummata di lu corpu di la tunnara - Navaii 7:45 $2.49 Buy
3 Congaudentes iubilemus 2:25 $2.49 Buy
4 Ben m e venuto 4:37 $2.49 Buy
5 Assolo di Marranzanu 3:16 $2.49 Buy
6 A la viddanisca 5:02 $2.49 Buy
7 Natali Regis Glorie 3:40 $2.49 Buy
8 Dolce lo mio drudo 7:01 $2.49 Buy
9 Vicariota 5:34 $2.49 Buy
10 Exultantes et letantes - Ballettu 4:30 $2.49 Buy
11 Sugnu vinutu di luntana via 1:58 $2.49 Buy
12 In hoc anni circulo 3:11 $2.49 Buy
13 In hoc anni circulo 1:38 $2.49 Buy
14 Montedoro 5:00 $2.49 Buy
15 Richiami 2:30 $2.49 Buy
16 Resonet intonet 3:48 $2.49 Buy
17 Parandoush - Chiovu 'Abballati' 4:48 $2.49 Buy
18 Eia Frates 4:04 $2.49 Buy
19 Surat Mariam - 2nd part 5:08 $2.49 Buy

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The pieces on this disc come mainly from two collections: the 12th century "Troparium de Catania" and the "Corpus of Sicilian Folk Music" (Palermo, 1957).

Since ancient times, Sicilian culture has been shaken by the influence of foreign poker which often co-existed: those of Hellenic World, the Italic civilisation, the Arabic presence and finally the Norman conquest.

These intertwining influences led up to medieval times, the historical "pivot" around which the project for this disc rotates. Thus Sicily appears as a crossroads of races, traditions, varied and often exotic ethnic roots giving it a multi-layered and cosmopolitan quality which has become even richer over the centuries and has made of the Island a sort of bridge (in fact "Al Qantarah" is a river in eastern Sicily whose name in Arabic means "the bridge") and a unique contact point for the various foreign civilisations which have become an essential part of Sicilian territory. Sicily has adopted as its own the musical traditions and styles of Arab, Byzantine, Provencal and Norman cultures, conserving their intrinsic qualities and forms along with elements springing from the origins of Sicily itself.

Produced by Giulio Cesare Ricci