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Few composers in history have enjoyed the consistent success and public approval gathered by George Philipp Telemann throughout his career. Telemann excelled in all the vocal and instrumental genres of his day and his works were hailed as models by practically all his contemporaries. While Mozart is often cited as having been the first independent composer in the modern sense, Telemann enjoyed an artistic freedom that was relatively unfettered by the constrictions of his employers and certainly paved the way for that type of freelance career. Although we often think of the public concert as a phenomenon that flourished in Beethoven's Vienna, Telemann's productions, where all manner of music was heard, were the center of musical life first in Frankfurt and then in Hamburg. Telemann was also a tireless educator and theorist and was held in highest esteem by all the important musical writers and essayists of his day, including Scheibe, Quantz, Mattheson and Marpurg.