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4 Space-sound Milieux 4 "rain" 3:37 96/24 Album only
5 Space-sound Milieux 5 "river" 11:42 96/24 Album only
6 Space-sound Milieux 6 "sea" 6:28 96/24 Album only

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Double Experience
The spectacular acoustic experiences and opportunities offered by 2+2+2 Recording technique have now also inspired creative artists. Since the 1990s Sabine Schäfer and Joachim Krebs have been experimenting with three-dimensional acoustic installations designed to put the listener more or less into a trance. AquaAngelusVox, a mind-expanding experience in audiophile form, documents both a musical event and a superb technical procedure.

Existential Triad
With Hildegard von Bingen's medieval world-view as a starting point, AquaAngelusVox sets the stage for a meditation on the developmental and existential triad of humanity, nature, and cosmos. The multichannel composition, in the form of an acoustic mandala expanding from its own center, develops in a spherical motion choreography.

Primal Elements
Water - aqua - with its primal sound effects occupies the center of the installation as the prima materia of nature. Eighteen electronically crystallized bird calls point to the open associative field generally evoked by the word angelus, angel. The link to the third sphere vox - voice - is formed by Hildegard von Bingen's responsory "De Angelis" as sung a cappella by three female voices.

The present DVD documents not only the original roomless composition but also its premiere-in-space, which was held in the Romanesque Church of St. Osdag in Mandelsloh on December 4, 2003. After detailed studies of the church interior, high-power speakers were set up in the nave and carefully adjusted so that the 2+2+2 Recording technique would have its full impact. All the seats in the church, even those outside the speaker circle, were rendered excellent listening sites - an effect that will also surprise the listener at home.