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Night 40:13 $17.98
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1 Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues 3:14 44.1/24 Album only
2 You've Got a Secret 4:34 44.1/24 Album only
3 You Only Live Twice 3:18 44.1/24 Album only
4 Walk Away 3:38 44.1/24 Album only
5 Viva Las Vegas 4:03 44.1/24 Album only
6 Dames: I Only Have Eyes for You 3:31 44.1/24 Album only
7 I Thought of You Again 3:28 44.1/24 Album only
8 Love Lies 3:58 44.1/24 Album only
9 Whistlin' Past the Graveyard 3:07 44.1/24 Album only
10 If You Go Away 3:28 44.1/24 Album only
11 If You Could Read My Mind 3:54 44.1/24 Album only

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“The night is filled with secrets and the wonder of their potential.”
–Holly Cole

To Holly Cole, the nighttime is central to her personal and artistic life. She is a self-declared night owl, perfectly at home in the time between dusk and dawn, a dear friend of the wee small hours. It’s a fact that now finds firm and poetic expression in the title and content of her eagerly awaited new album – NIGHT. As usual when it comes to the iconic Canadian songstress, it’s an album that features a stylistically diverse and emotionally stirring collection of songs. It stands as a love letter to the night and its power, a celebration of the hours where daylight’s chatter has disappeared and turned into peaceful moments of creative possibility, providing a chance to see the world with different eyes and to listen with different ears. An invitation to intimacy.

Mastered from the original 96kHz/24Bit files by Rene Laflamme and Andre Perry at Fidelio Technologies’ mastering lab, using the 2xHD process. A SSD drive power by battery with a modified high-end DCS Vivaldi clock with silver and gold cables was used to create a very transparent sound.