Best Of Chesky Jazz And More Audiophile Tests Volume 2

Available in 44.1kHz/16bit

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One of the greatest challenges for a recording engineer is creating a recording which sounds like reality. The following tests were designed and recorded during the course of 1991. Some tests were created for this sampler, while others were originally intended for internal use. These tests were so useful and informative we decided to place them on this test sampler.

1.Sara K./Miles Away
2.Fred Hersch/Heartsong
3.McCoy Tyner/Miss Bea
4.Kenny Rankin/Always
5.Bruce Dunlap/Tesuque
6.Paquito D'Rivera/Havana Cafe
7.Orquestra Nova/Wapango
8.Clark Terry/Brushes & Brass
9.David Chesky/Chorinho No. 1
10.Phil Woods/How's Your Mama?
11.Ana Caram/Solidao
12.Tom Harrell/Touch the Sky
13.Test Introduction
14.Drum, 3 feet, dry studio: Announcement
15.Drum, 3 feet, dry studio: Test
16.Drum, 6 feet, dry studio: Announcement
17.Drum, 6 feet, dry studio: Test
18.Drum, 9 feet, dry studio: Announcement
19.Drum, 9 feet, dry studio: Test
20.Drum, 3 feet, live studio: Announcement
21.Drum, 3 feet, live studio: Test
22.Drum, 6 feet, live studio: Announcement
23.Drum, 6 feet, live studio: Test
24.Drum, 9 feet, live studio: Announcement
25.Drum, 9 feet, live studio: Index 2: Test
26.Drum, 12 feet, live studio: Announcement
27.Drum, 12 feet, live studio: Test
28.Drum, 15 feet, live studio: Announcement
29.Drum, 15 feet, live studio: Test
30.Drum, 30 feet, live studio: Announcement
31.Drum, 30 feet, live studio: Test
32.Drum, 70 feet, live studio: Announcement
33.Drum, 70 feet, live studio: Test
34.5 feet
35.10 feet
36.20 feet
37.30 feet
38.40 feet
39.50 feet
40.60 feet
41.70 feet
42.80 feet
43.Dynamic Drum Test
44.Bass Resonance Test
45.Height Test: Announcement
46.Height Test: Test
47.General Image and Resolution Test
48.An ordinary audio interconnect.
49.A premium 75 ohm digital cable
50.An audiophile ultra-low jitter digital cable
53.Children in the park
54.Police Riot
56.Drinking Beer
57.Freight Train Crossing
58.Inside Subway Car
60.0dB No dither
61.0dB Dither
62.0dB Sony
63.-20dB No Dither
64.-20dB Dither
65.-20dB Sony
66.-40dB No dither
67.-40dB Dither
68.-40dB Sony
69.-60dB Dither
70.-60dB Sony
71.Volume Level Warning: