Blues for You

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11 I'll Play the Blues for You 6:06 $1.49 Buy

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Blues For You, the new album by contemporary jazz guitarist Jeff Golub. With his stellar reputation as a contemporary jazz guitarist firmly established, Golub expands his creative horizons with this jazz/blues breakthrough album.

Produced by legendary producer John Porter (Los Lonely Boys, The Smiths, Buddy Guy, etc.), Blues For You has Golub exploring the blues and R&B roots that he’s developed over years of touring and recording with Rod Stewart, Peter Wolf, John Waite, Dar Williams and more, while keeping a taste of the chart-topping contemporary jazz for which he’s become known.

Golub says, “I don’t really differentiate between styles of music. It’s either from the heart or it’s not. I think there are many people who feel like I do. That even though we love a more sophisticated jazz approach, we can still appreciate the emotion of a bent guitar string.”

Blues For You also features Shawn Pelton on drums (Saturday Night Live band), Tony Garnier on bass (Bob Dylan), and Kenny White on keyboards (Shawn Colvin, Marc Cohn) to round out the rhythm section.

Unlike his previous albums, Golub has four vocal songs on Blues For You. He enlisted vocalists Billy Squier on the track “Everybody Wants You,” Triple-A favorite Mark Cohn on “I Don’t Worry About a Thing” and the legendary Peter Wolf on “Rooster Blues” and John Waite on “Lost Mind.”

The band recorded this album live at Skyline Recording Studio in Manhattan in about four days, with special guests floating in and out. There is not one fade out ending on the entire record. “Not that we always had a prearranged ending,” Golub says. “You can hear how the band is following each other. This can only happen recording a live band made up of musicians who are really listening.”

Golub has released 6 solo albums and 3 albums as the leader of the instrumental band Avenue Blue. Before becoming an instrumentalist, Jeff worked as a sideman to a number of very successful rock and pop artists.

Golub got his first major gig with rocker Billy Squier after relocating to New York from Boston in 1980. He performed with Squier for several years, appearing on 7 albums and 3 world tours. He also spent many years working with iconic singer Rod Stewart, and appeared on 5 world tours and 4 recorded albums.