Dunnun Kan

Available in Audiophile 192kHz/24bit, 96kHz/24bit, 44.1kHz/16bit, DSD 2.8MHz & DSD 5.6MHz

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Dunnun Kan 52:42 $24.98
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1 Doundounba 05:16 192/24 Album only
2 Soli 05:06 192/24 Album only
3 Kassa 04:40 192/24 Album only
4 Komodenou 05:16 192/24 Album only
5 Ginafare 04:38 192/24 Album only
6 Dja 05:52 192/24 Album only
7 Mamasata 06:16 192/24 Album only
8 Sogononkoun 03:37 192/24 Album only
9 Dundunba Sangba 12:01 192/24 Album only

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(P) (C) 2015 Chesky Records

Dynamic percussionist Mangue Sylla returns to his West African roots.

Main Artists Mangue Sylla & The All-Star Drummers of Guinea
Mangue Sylla - Djembe, Dununba, and Sangban
Fomoro Diuobate - Balafon
Sekou Pablo Dembele - Djembe
Aboubacar Kouyate - Djembe
Abdulla Toure - Dununba
Abou Tanakan Camara - Djembe
Nima Tanaka Camara - vocals
Missia Soran Diuobate - vocals

Producer David Chesky
Executive Producer Norman Chesky
Engineer Nicholas Prout, Milton Ruiz
Assistant Engineer Max Steen
Editing Engineer Nicholas Prout
Mastering Engineer Nicholas Prout
Recorded in December of 2014. 

Recorded using a B & K Binaural head, MSB A/D Converter, and Crystal microphone cable.

Special thanks to Professor Edgar Choueiri of the 3D Audio and Applied Acoustics (3D3A) Lab of Princeton University for his technical assistance on the 3D audio aspects of this binaural recording.

Dunnun Kan (JD373)
Chesky Records
Genre: binaural, world
Liner Notes by Jill Ettinger.
Graphic Design by Jeff Wong.