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Set Ascending Direction
  1. Abbandonata: Handel's Italian Cantatas
  2. A Nativity Sequence
  3. A Rose Magnificat

    A Rose Magnificat

    Sample rate(s): 192/24
    Genre: Classical
  4. A Renaissance Harpsichord Tale
  5. A Nativity Sequence
  6. Audiophile Trip

    Audiophile Trip

    Sample rate(s): 88/24
    Artist: Various Artists
    Genre: Classical
  7. Aquilonis


    Sample rate(s): 96/24
    Artist: Trio Mediaeval
    Genre: Classical
  8. A Beautiful Friendship

    A Beautiful Friendship

    Sample rate(s): 44.1/16
  9. Anita Sings The Most

    Anita Sings The Most

    Sample rate(s): 96/24,192/24
    Artist: Anita O'Day