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  1. Stella Sapiente

    Stella Sapiente

    Sample rate(s): 44.1/24
    Artist: The Lillingtons
    Genre: Rock
  2. Stella Polaris - Triskaidekaphobia
  3. Stella di Napoli
  4. Star Trek: Discovery (Original Series Soundtrack)
  5. Sing Noel! A European Christmas Revels
  6. Straight from the Heart: The Chansonnier Cordiforme
  7. Sulla lira: The Voice of Orpheus
  8. Spirit Talk

    Spirit Talk

    Sample rate(s): 96/24
    Label: Naim
  9. Style fantastique

    Style fantastique

    Sample rate(s): 44.1/24
    Genre: Baroque
  10. Secret Voices - Chant and Polyphony from the Las Huelgas Codex
  11. Swing Low, Sweet Mandolin - Kenneth 'Jethro' Burns
  12. Spotlight on Standards

    Spotlight on Standards

    Sample rate(s): 96/24
    Artist: Jerry Bergonzi
    Genre: Jazz
  13. Standards Live

    Standards Live

    Sample rate(s): 44.1/16
    Genre: Jazz