Change Of The Century

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Change Of The Century 41:26 $25.98
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1 Ramblin' 6:36 192/24 Album only
2 Free 6:23 192/24 Album only
3 The Face Of The Bass 6:57 192/24 Album only
4 Forerunner 5:15 192/24 Album only
5 Bird Food 5:31 192/24 Album only
6 Una Muy Bonita 6:00 192/24 Album only
7 Change Of The Century 4:44 192/24 Album only

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For the First Time - Digitally Released As High Resolution Downloads 192kHz/24bit Classic Jazz Titles from the Archives of Warner Bros Records, Reprise, Atlantic Records, and Rhino Records. is proud to announce the first set of the new Warner Music Group Flat Masters Series. These classic gems will be available as uncompressed 192kHz/24bit downloads. This marks the first time that many of these albums have ever been released digitially let alone as high resolution downloads. Remastered specially for HDtracks. A Must Have For Any Audiophile!


Ornette Coleman suggests in his liner notes for this 1960 release that "there is no single right way to play jazz." He and this, his great quartet (with Don Cherry, pocket trumpet; Charlie Haden, bass; and Billy Higgins, drums), fully confirm that statement and dismiss the railings of Coleman's detractors. This classic's assurance and achievement fully justify its cocky title. In its free group improvising, as Coleman puts it, "each member goes his own way and still adds tellingly to the group endeavor." The later formalization of that approach, as "harmolodics," was from this point inevitable. The selections include tunes like "Ramblin'" and "Una Muy Bonita" that would be standards today if more musicians had deigned to venture down the paths that Coleman blazed