Closer Than They Appear

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Closer Than They Appear, is the synthesis of folk, blues, and jazz. Sara K. has added more fuel to the controversy: Is there a common ground between folk and jazz? Sara K. (Paired with Chesky guitarist Bruce Dunlap who serves as her musical director) takes ready advantage of not only her labels' penchant for painstaking fidelity, but she also samples an arsenal of jazz tones and musical genre's.

Main Artists Sara K.
Billy Drewes - alto sax, soprano sax, tenor sax
Bruce Dunlap, guitar
David Finck - bass
Jamey Haddad - drums, percussion
Bill Moersch - hammer dulcimer

Producer David Chesky
Executive Producer Norman Chesky
Co-Producer Steve Guttenberg, Lisa Hershfield, Jeremy Kipnis, Jim Lopata, Alan Schneider
Engineer Bill Allen, Bob Katz
Assistant Engineer Jeremy Kipnis
Editing Engineer Jeremy Kipnis
Recorded on December 12-16, 1991.

This album was made with the purest audio path, using the very best microphones, mic preamps, analog-to-digital converters, recorders, and cables with careful attention to detail to produce the most transparent and natural sound available today.

Closer Than They Appear (JD67)
Chesky Records

Genre: blues, folk
Art direction by Christine Chagnon.
Arrangement by Bruce Dunlap.
Photography by Jay Manis and Stanley Schnier.

"Closer That They Appear is a monumental leap" - The Gavin Report