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Convivencia 54:53 $24.98
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# Track Title Length Format Sample Rate Price
1 Si verias 3:24 176/24 Album only
2 Ya Rachiq al Qad 6:21 176/24 Album only
3 Ladata sempre sia 2:10 176/24 Album only
4 Souk Jean-Talon 4:25 176/24 Album only
5 Esta montana d'enfrente 5:41 176/24 Album only
6 Seule a Cordoue (after A. de la Halle) 4:05 176/24 Album only
7 Convivencia 4:58 176/24 Album only
8 Dallarimier 4:05 176/24 Album only
9 Ya Racha fattan 6:02 176/24 Album only
10 Potato salat 5:43 176/24 Album only
11 Andala 5:08 176/24 Album only
12 Hija mia 2:51 176/24 Album only

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We are very proud to introduce Mandragore’s fourth album, Convivencia. We have studied the repertoires of Andalusia from the context of our own contemporary Montreal sensibilities. We have added our own compositions and arrangements to the original melodies. We have used European instruments such as the cittern, the traverso, the gaida, recorders and the crumhorn. We also play Oriental instruments: the oud, the nay, the darbuka, to name a few. To all these we have added instruments from other traditions altogether: the cajon, the guembri, the bouzouki.
Once more, we had the pleasure of working with Fidelio and René Laflamme. Kattam on drums and producer Anne-Marie Sylvestre joined our team for the occasion. We spent a week in beautiful Sainte-Madeleine d’Outremont Church, carving each piece of this record, day after day.
We would like to thank everybody who helped us complete this project, directly or indirectly, our partners, our sponsors and also our public who follow us and who make such projects possible. We have carried these melodies in us since 2009. Here they are now, recorded on a little slice of plastic. They can now take flight under our fingers each time we play them in concert. Who knows to whose ears this journey will lead them?