David and Bathsheba, an opera-oratorio by Stale Kleiberg

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David and Bathsheba, an opera-oratorio by Stale Kleiberg 1:15:11 $20.00
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1 Introduction (Orchestra) 3:06 96/24 Album only
2 Psalm 8 (Chorus) 6:20 96/24 Album only
3 My Lord, your servant Uriah the Hittite (Joab, Chorus) 1:38 96/24 Album only
4 Who is this that looks out like the dawn? (David) 5:10 96/24 Album only
5 Who is she? (Joab, David) 2:39 96/24 Album only
6 Come to me Bathsheba (David, Bathsheba) 2:06 96/24 Album only
7 It is the Lord who gave you your authority (Chorus) 2:29 96/24 Album only
8 Uriah! Have you not a young wife? (Joab, Uriah) 1:42 96/24 Album only
9 He would not come, my Lord (Joab, David) 2:41 96/24 Album only
10 O Husband you are lost to me (Bathsheba) 6:25 96/24 Album only
11 Eat! Drink! (Uriah, David) 4:41 96/24 Album only
12 Down with the poor and honest man! (Bathsheba, Uriah, Chorus) 4:19 96/24 Album only
13 You are welcome Nathan (Joab, David, Nathan) 2:10 96/24 Album only
14 There are two men in your city (Nathan, David) 4:38 96/24 Album only
15 Psalm 51 (David, Chorus) 7:33 96/24 Album only
16 You are come to tell me my son is dead (Bathsheba, Joab) 2:48 96/24 Album only
17 Why has the fruit of my orchard failed? (Bathsheba) 4:29 96/24 Album only
18 Where are the robes you have torn? (Bathsheba, David) 6:28 96/24 Album only
19 The breath in our nostrils (Chorus) 3:49 96/24 Album only

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Estonian maestro Tonu Kaljuste leads the acclaimed Trondheim Symphony Orchestra through this engaging masterpiece. This Biblical story of David and Bathsheba highlights the impact of emotions with political actions and their consequences. Kleiberg establishes rich orchestration and harmonic color within the opening bars. This evocative listen is a must-have for any collection. This work follows 2L’s GRAMMY®-nominated release Treble and Bass: Concertos by Stale Kleiberg.