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Bluesound is the world’s first wireless multi-room digital music system to fully support hi-res audio. With HDtracks on Bluesound, you get on-demand access to a premiere online music store and the unique ability to download high-res recordings directly to the Bluesound VAULT with no computer necessary. Simply use the free Bluesound Controller App for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Mac & PC desktops to browse, download and stream high-res music to Bluesound Players in each room of your home.

  • Unlimited access to HDtracks’ online store of lossless 24-bit music wirelessly from the Bluesound Controller App.
  • Download master-quality digital music directly to the Bluesound VAULT with up to 2 terabytes of storage.
  • Wirelessly stream HDtracks downloads to multiple Bluesound Players in your home.
  • Play your favorite music in any room or in perfect sync throughout your home.

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Download and stream lossless music from the world’s premiere online music store on NAD BluOS music systems with HDtracks. Using the NAD BluOS Controller App for iOS and Android, listeners can access HDtracks’ 24-bit music catalogue and download high-quality recordings directly to any storage device, without ever turning on a computer. Stream all HDtracks downloads wirelessly to NAD BluOS music systems for a hi-res music experience all over the home.

  • Unlimited access to HDtracks’ online store of lossless 24-bit music wirelessly from the NAD BluOS Controller App.
  • Download HDtracks purchases directly to any storage device for unlimited streaming on NAD BluOS music systems.
  • HDtracks is available on any BluOS-ready music system; including but not limited to, M50 Digital Music Player, C 390DD Direct Digital Amplifier and M12 Digital Preamp DAC with DD BluOS MDC modules.


SVS brings immersive audio experiences to anyone with a passion for great sound. By investing in engineering expertise, premium build materials, and meticulous R&D, SVS breaks barriers on performance for the price with its world-class speakers, subwoofers and audio accessories. More than just a manufacturer, SVS also has the industry standard Customer Bill of Rights and maintains multiple technical support lines staffed by Sound Experts. Critically acclaimed by professional reviewers, end users, and in forums, SVS is driving the Sound R|evolution.

  • SVS is the #1 subwoofer brand worldwide with sealed, ported and cylinder designs that outperform models costing double the price or more.
  • The universally praised SVS Ultra and Prime Series speaker lines provide two points of entry for anyone seeking a world class two-channel or home theater experience.
  • Risk-free 45-day in home trial, so you can make the decision from the comfort of your favorite chair.
  • Flexible product designs allow for seamless integration with high definition music set-ups
  • SVS Sound Experts are available to answer all set-up questions and customer service inquiries via phone, online chat, social media, email or other channels. No endless prompts and always expert advice.
  • Industry leading Customer Bill of Rights includes: free shipping, five-year unconditional warranty, one-year trade up policy, total after purchase support for as long as you own the product and more.
  • Products available 24/7 from or through a growing number of brick-and-mortar dealers worldwide.

Kvart & Bolge
Kvart & Bolge

Steve Guttenberg, CNET: “The sound is nothing short of astonishing: the SoundSommeliers disappear as sources of sound and project a stereo image that extends well beyond the actual locations of the speakers. As I continued to listen long after the period required to write a review, there was something about the sound that made me come back again and again. I was falling in love with these speakers, and that's rare for a guy who writes more than 100 reviews a year!” 

  • Best in class stereo image for full binaural plus experience
  • Fully audiophile grade speakers at an unbeatable price
  • Available as speakers only and as complete Microfidelity sound systems
  • Unadulterated organic sound, no electronics.
  • Quarter-wave bass extension for tight clean and congruent bass
  • Minimalist footprint, Beautiful Scandinavian design
  • Highest quality materials
  • Design your own speaker

Acoustic Research

Founded in 1952, Acoustic Research (AR) has shaped the modern home entertainment industry.  AR focused on bringing better music listening experience by bringing better products in the music reproduction chain.

  • M2 is an Audiophile-class Hi-Res Music Player with integrated high slew rate headphone amplifier
  • UA1 is a USB powered Audiophile-class Hi-Res USB with integrated high slew rate headphone amplifier and full version of Jriver Media Center included
  • Both M2 and UA1 are officially High-Resolution Audio (Hi-Res AUDIO) approved

Hi-Fi Man

An acknowledged leader in high-res audio, HiFiMAN pioneered the high performance portable player category with the introduction of the their HM-801 in 2008. Today the company offers a variety of high-res portable players starting at $449 leading up to their new flagship HM901S. In addition to offering unrivaled sound quality, HiFiMAN high-res players accept a wide array of audio formats, are expandable and easy to operate.

  • Sound quality comparable to reference digital playback systems
  • Accepts most major audio formats
  • Easy to set up, Simple to operate
  • Expandable – additional modules available



The BACCH® Stereo Purifier (BACCH-SP) is a state-of-the-art, high-definition, digital audio processor that yields highly realistic 3D sound imaging from a pair of stereo loudspeakers. Chesky Records' Binaural+ series can now be heard in full 3D virtual reality over loudspeakers through the BACCH-SP. 

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Astell & Kern

The Astell&Kern is the ultimate portable high-fidelity audio system capable of studio Mastering Quality Sound (MQS).

Feel the phenomenal realism of music though 24bit/192kHz high-resolution, lossless Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) that cannot be heard through CD standards. When compared to CDs, the music files used during the mastering process in studios (24bit/192kHz) contains 6.5 times more information and results in a more original, precise and enhanced sound.

  • Meets 100% of Hi-Fi audio specifications
  • Equipped with the world's first portable Wolfson WM8740 24bit, 192kHz high-performance DAC
  • Can be used as an external optical DAC
  • Touch equalizer (EQ) easily manipulated by the fingertips
  • A user interface with an analog feel
  • Buy all your music from

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Meridian Audio

Meridian Audio is the leader in high-resolution digital audio, and recently launched the award-winning Explorer USB DAC. Hand-made in the UK with the same precision craftsmanship as every Meridian product, the Explorer delivers Meridian-quality sound from any computer for headphone or Hi-fi listening.

  • Highest resolution on the market (24-bit/192kHz)
  • Explorer is a fully asynchronous, USB audio class 2 DAC for the ultimate in audio quality
  • Ultimate playback performance limited only by the source material - makes any file sound its best
  • USB-powered: plugs into any computer with a USB port
  • Fully portable, including carrying case & USB cable

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The OPPO universal Blu-ray players are is designed with components optimized for audio performance. The flagship BDP-105 features an all-new analog audio stage powered by two ESS Sabre32 Reference Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC), balanced (XLR) & unbalanced (RCA) dedicated stereo outputs, a Toroidal linear power supply, and asynchronous USB DAC input. These high-grade components are housed in a rigidly constructed metal chassis and work together to deliver exceptionally detailed and accurate sound quality along with reference quality video.

Three ways to play your HDtracks purchase on OPPO universal Blu-ray players:

  • Copy the WAV or FLAC files to a USB thumb drive or hard disk. Plug the drive into the OPPO BDP-103/105 and enjoy the music;
  • Store the music files on a DLNA-compatible music server and stream to the BDP-103/105 via DLNA;
  • Connect your computer to the BDP-105's asynchronous USB DAC input and play with your favorite playback software.

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FiiO is a company that focuses on the manufacture of high quality portable music devices. The sales of its portable amplifier and decoder rank first worldwide among others. Recently, FiiO Company has launched a high quality portable music player with supreme cost performance, which can support 192K/24B high resolution music files.

  • Lossless music files, like WAV, APE, FLAC, WMA, and ALAC are broadly supported
  • The playback of digital music format in 192K/24B can be supported
  • High power output (550mW at 16O) which can boost most of the headphones
  • Self-contained in and out audio ports, including headphone, LO and coaxial digital signal output
  • All key controlled operations with Hold lock
  • Smart USB charging, with up to 10hrs of life time

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ADL X1 192/24 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier iDevice Digital Output Interface

The X1 is small, discrete but highly specified with inputs supporting iOS digital at up to 48/16 via APPLE MFI certified USB Cable for iPod, iPhone, iPad devices. The X1 also runs 192/24 Toslink with high-resolution files from PC via the PC’s USB output. There’s an analog line-level 4-pin 3.5mm input and a 4-pin 3.5mm output for headphones in the 12~600 ohm range. The 4-pin input supports 3.5mm Remote and Mic Earphones. The 3.5mm TOSLINK optical output delivers SPDIF up to 192/24.

  • Goes Anywhere
  • Stacks Easily
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Digital Inputs For iDevices
  • DAC for PC & MAC
  • Superb Sound!

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 USB Distruptor

USB Disruptor

USB Disruptor is a critically acclaimed USB power management system designed to unlock the full potential of your USB DAC. In combination with DaBigGeniusTM Audio Grade USB cables, users experience and report new heights in clarity, spatialization, tonal accuracy, and overall system enjoyment.

  • Replaces interference laden computer power with ultra-precision low noise power supply
  • Physically Removes 5 volt connection in the USB cable
  • The only audio USB device with modified USB cable construction to eliminate previously unknown areas of noise pollution
  • Patent pending
  • Makes average computers ideal high resolution audio sources
  • Developed and tested with HD Tracks produced music

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Since 1946, Onkyo has been passionately committed to developing audio products that deliver uncommon performance, quality, and value. Bundling proprietary technologies and innovations with other sound-enhancing exclusives, Onkyo continues to create award-winning products that are lauded by many industry-leading publications.  The company's philosophy is to deliver products that are superbly designed and built to a consistently outstanding standard of excellence.  The results can be seen in the obvious quality of any Onkyo-manufactured product, even before it is turned on. 



Integra designs and manufactures premium home theater receivers, processors, amplifiers, Blu-ray and CD players that are specifically designed to meet the needs of custom audio/video systems installers.  It is Integra's passion for the best in audio and video performance and quest to design the most user and integration friendly products available that keeps it at the top. Integra has access to vast technical resources, and bears a proud heritage of over 70 years of audio engineering excellence. 



Headquartered in Long Beach, CA, Pioneer Home Entertainment U.S.A. is a leader in home entertainment products under the Pioneer and Elite brands.  With an established reputation for innovation and quality, the company’s products are embraced by high-end custom installers and general music lovers alike.  Pioneer Home Entertainment U.S.A. is a preeminent manufacturer of high-performance audio equipment for both home and personal use.



iBasso Audio specializes in bringing you sound that you can enjoy. We design and manufacture to keep total control from start to finish. iBasso began business in 2006 with the one goal, to improve the sound quality from recorded music and we have not swayed from this position. 

* With DAP’s that will play back formats up to and including 24/192 and DSD512 bit perfect, you are not left wondering what the higher resolutions would sound like. 
* In house engineers to get the most out of the components we use (sourced from around the world), with thinking outside the box for implementation and design.
* Portable that does not sacrifice sound quality for portability. 





JRiver (PC, Mac & Linux)

JRiver Media Center is the choice of many audiophiles for ease of setup, ability to play all audio formats, high quality playback, remote control via phone or tablet, and compatibility with UPnP/DLNA devices.  $49.98.  30 day free trial.

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Audirvana Plus (Mac)

When the Greatest-Sounding Music meets the best audio player…
You would have never dreamt your Mac could be such a High End audio source
Audirvana Plus is The Audiophile Player for the Mac OS X platform, aiming at the best possible sound quality, transforming the Mac computer into a very high-end HiFi audio source.
  • Shortest Audio Signal Path with Direct and Integer Mode
  • Full Memory Play (file loading and decoding before playback)
  • Bit perfect, gapless playback, 64-bit precision internal processing
  • Best in class iZotope 64-bit SRC upsampling up to 768kHz, and DSD256
  • Multichannel audio playback
  • AudioUnits plugins support for EQ, Digital Room Correction, Binaural audio processing
  • Plays all common file formats: WAVE, AIFF, Apple Lossless, FLAC, WavPack, APE, Cue Sheets, M4A, MP3
  • … and DSD formats (played natively on compatible DACs): DSF, DSDIFF (incl. DST compressed), SACD ISO
Audirvana Plus brings all this with the convenience of 
  • Advanced library management
  • Complete metadata with extended fields for Jazz and Classical
  • Companion app A+ Remote bringing remote control from iPad/iPhone for further convenience


BACCH4Mac by Theoretica Applied Physics is a software-based turnkey system designed to transform your Mac-based audio gear into the ultimate 3D audio playback system. At the heart of BACCH-dSP is BACCH® 3D Sound, a proprietary technology developed at Princeton University that allows the listener to receive the spatial cues that exist in most stereo recordings and get stunning 3D imaging from only two loudspeakers. It is the same technology that lies at the heart of Theoretica's critically acclaimed audio processor, the BACCH-SP. Chesky Records' Binaural+ series can now be heard in full 3D virtual reality over loudspeakers through your Mac. 


Liztic (Mac & PC)

Liztic is the first real cross-platform and hi-res music player and manager, available for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Liztic synchronizes all music library information across your devices and lets you transfer or stream your music files directly between your own devices using your fast local Wifi network. Your music is not stored on Liztic's servers. Liztic gives you full control of your music library as well as independence from data plans and Internet connection speeds.

  • Import all your music files - FLAC, WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC, ALAC
  • Play & Manage hi-res music files up to 192kHz/24bit (FLAC/AIFF/WAV)
  • Hi-res digital output to external digital-analog-converters (DAC) - see website for more details
  • Automatically synchronize all music library information
  • Access & manage music files stored on other devices
  • Stream music between devices or from personal cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox)
  • Use referral code "HDTracks" to get a 10% discount on a Pro, Premium or Studio version of Liztic

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Amarra (Mac)

Amarra is praised the world over for delivering a transparent analog-like smoothness and liquidity from a computer. Listen for yourself to the same Grammy® and Emmy® winning sound that professionals have treasured for over 20 years.

  • Improves the sound for your computer playback
  • Plays native FLAC files ( No conversion required )
  • Integrated FLAC conversion to AIFF
  • Independent Playlist Window (iTunes not required)
  • Drag & Drop from Finder and iTunes to create Playlists
  • Automatic Sample Rate Adjustment
  • Choice of multiple dither algorithms
  • High Resolution 64 Bit double precision Sonic EQ
  • RAM based CACHE playback for disk-free operation
  • Background Sample Rate Conversion
  • Plays CDs without ripping
  • Integration with Apple Remote

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Pure Music (Mac)

High Resolution Music Server Software for Apple Macintosh Computers

Simply and automatically docks with iTunes

  • Based on Channel D's acclaimed Pure Vinyl audio playback engine
  • Pure Music handles all music playback
  • iTunes acts as database, playlist organizer, etc. but doesn't play the music
  • Automatically docks with iTunes window
  • Supports Apple Remote App for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Automatic sample rate switching
  • Gapless track playback and Memory Play
  • Adjustable Dithered Volume Control
  • Supports CoreAudio Compatible Sound Cards / DACs / Audio Interfaces.
  • Supports all iTunes Compatible Audio File Formats
  • Plays tracks from networked volumes
  • Optional REAL-TIME 64-bit upsampling
  • CoreAudio Device HOG Mode support
  • Internal Audio Device Selection and Setup (or use Apple Audio MIDI Setup)
  • Up to 384 kHz sample rate
  • Supports AudioUnit Audio processing plug-ins (parametric EQs, etc.)
  • Uncompressed audio streaming support (up to 192 kHz and up to four separate connections)
  • 64-bit Adjustable 2/3/4-way Crossover with time alignment and minimum phase filters
  • Much more...

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  • Decibel is an audio player tailored to the particular needs of audiophiles.
  • Decibel supports all popular lossless and lossy audio formats including FLAC,Ogg Vorbis, Musepack, WavPack, Monkey's Audio, Speex, Apple Lossless, AAC, MP3, WAVE and AIFF.
  • For lossless formats such as FLAC and WAVE, and for Ogg Vorbis and specially tagged MP3 files, Decibel supports gapless playback with seamless transitions between tracks.
  • Decibel processes all audio using 64-bit floating-point precision, providing the highest possible playback quality for files sampled at all bit depths.
  • Decibel has an intentionally minimal user interface designed to be instantly intuitive and non-intrusive.
  • For audiophile users desiring more control over their audio, Decibel can take exclusive control of the output device (using hog mode) and send audio in the device's native format. Additionally, Decibel can automatically adjust the output device's sample rate to that of the playing track, preventing audio quality degradation associated with software sample rate conversion.
  • Finally, Decibel can load and play files entirely in memory, eliminating audio glitching associated with disk access.

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  • Organize music and edit tags in your audio library with a powerful, intuitive interface.
  • Automatically lookup and tag Album Art and other metadata.
  • Manage 50,000+ files in your music collection without bogging down.
  • Manage all genres of audio: Rock, Classical, Audiobooks, Comedy, Podcasts, etc.
  • Play MP3s and other audio formats, and never again worry about varying volume.
  • Record CDs and convert MP3s, M4A, OGG, FLAC and WMA files etc. into other formats.
  • Create playlists and let Auto-DJ & Party Mode take care of your party.
  • Sync iPhones, iPods, & MP3 players, converting & leveling tracks on-the-fly.
  • Plus much more...

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Designed for music lovers with little computer skills, the new SONATA Music Server from DigiBit is a sophisticated software specially designed to handle classical music (and any other genre). The SONATA allows you to select your preferred music the way you want: by genre, period, style, instrument, composer, work, conductor, orchestra, soloists, singers, music label, etc. This will allow users to rediscover in seconds many forgotten records in their music library. For example, you will be able to ask the SONATA to show all the records of Romantic music for Piano by Chopin placed by Claudio Arrau or the Opera records with Placido Domingo conducted by George Solti or the Jazz records where Charlie Haden plays Latin music. Our proprietary and unique SonataDB and the GD3 ( database for classical music provide users access to over 40,000 classical CDs, with exhaustive information of each CD saved in 18 fields that, with the help of the also unique "Views" menus, will allow users to perform unique searches by filtering the music library using the most sophisticated combinations as stated above. Covert art is available in hi-res 1000x1000 and 1400x1400 format for most classical CDs and above 500x500 for the rest of the genres.

The top of class CD ripper built-in provides access to metadata from 4 databases (GD3, SonataDB, FreeDB and MusicBrainz) thus, achieving superior metadata retrievals results.

Simple menus, multilanguage and multitouch screen support and a very intuitive and easy-to-use GUI makes the learning curve almost inexistent. Selection and searches can't be easier as the user will always be viewing the covers of the albums/tracks sorted by the criteria he/she had previously chosen.

SONATA supports up to 4 audio zones, that means users can listen to up to 4 different music programs in 4 different rooms at a time, or the same music in all rooms.


  • Multilanguage
  • Audiophile features. 24bits-192KHz, ASIO and WASAPI and KS support
  • DLNA/uPnP support
  • iPhone remote software
  • Streaming to iPhone/iPad/Android
  • dBpoweramp-based ripper
  • Built-in Tagging tool