Thrive on Routine

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Thrive on Routine 1:00:34 $39.98
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1 Jahrzeit 10:10 352/24 Album only
2 In manus tuas 08:57 352/24 Album only
3 Gustave Le Gray 10:09 352/24 Album only
4 Thrive on Routine: I. Morning 04:53 352/24 Album only
5 Thrive on Routine: II. Potatoes 03:13 352/24 Album only
6 Thrive on Routine: III. Passacaglia 03:25 352/24 Album only
7 Thrive on Routine: IV. Coda 02:13 352/24 Album only
8 In a Treeless Place, Only Snow 17:27 352/24 Album only

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℗ 2017 Sono Luminus
© 2017 Sono Luminus

In many ways, this album represents the debut recording of ACME, American Contemporary Music Ensemble. The collection of pieces here was chosen for very pure and simple reasons; each work is a piece we love and to which we feel quite intimately connected. The performance of this music is an expression of affection and closeness, not just to each other as performers, but also to the composer who wrote it. Three of the four composers featured are also performers in ACME. It is music that feels very close. The privilege of performing this music for others has shaped each of us individually and as an ensemble, and these pieces occupy a good part of the music ACME has performed as concert music. It was also chosen for this album, to exist on recorded media, because it is work that should exist in other scenarios beyond the concert experience: a long, slow walk; a frenetic commute; a late evening at home... The American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME) is dedicated to the outstanding performance of masterworks from the 20th and 21st centuries, primarily the work of American composers. The ensemble presents music by living composers alongside the classics of the contemporary. ACME’s dedication to new music extends across genres, and has earned them a reputation among both classical and rock crowds. NPR calls them “contemporary music dynamos,” and The New York Times describes ACME’s performances as “vital,” “brilliant,” and “electrifying.” Time Out New York reports, “Jensen has earned a sterling reputation for her fresh, inclusive mix of minimalists, maximalists, eclectics and newcomers.” ACME was honored by ASCAP during its 10th anniversary season in 2015 for the “virtuosity, passion, and commitment with which it performs and champions American composers.” "This curated selection of pieces comes from different but rhyming sonic worlds and is some of the music we have grown to love the most in this varied and fast-changing world." - Clarice Jensen, ACME Cellist & Artistic Director


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"The American Contemporary Musical Ensemble is a shape-shifting new music group started in 2004 and led by cellist and artistic director Clarice Jensen. Thrive on Routine is an ACME family affair, with pieces by group members Caroline Shaw, Caleb Burhans and Timo Andres." - Dubuquecello (CDA)

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"The composer has usually been the star artist on past releases by ACME, the American Contemporary Music Ensemble, with the group serving in a supporting role. “Thrive on Routine” appears to tweak that formula, with only ACME listed on the cover. But in truth the model still applies. Three of the four composers on the disc are members of the group. This is a small-scale affair, even for a chamber music album. The intimacy underscores a familiarity among the players and also highlights the emotional directness of the music. Like the best music, these pieces grow deeper and more affecting with each listen, revealing different shades of feeling coming to light." - Jeff Zumfelde (CPR)

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"Timo Andres’ programmatic string quartet that follows the potato-tending and Bach-playing morning routine of Charles Ives thus becomes the album’s centerpiece, and by relation the rest of the selections are colored by the idea of beauty arising from the mundane. Minimalist textures in Caleb Burhans’ “Jahrzeit” and John Luther Adams’ “In a Treeless Place, Only Snow” provide a sense of calm and even pacing, while a deliberate, almost “learned” style extends from Andres’ title track to Caroline Shaw’s “in manus tuas” and “Gustave Le Gray” for solo cello." - Geoffrey Larson (Second Inversion)