Face Value (Deluxe Editon)

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Face Value (Deluxe Editon) 01:48:55 $21.98
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# Track Title Length Format Sample Rate Price
1 In The Air Tonight (2015 Remastered) 05:36 Album only
2 This Must Be Love (2015 Remastered) 03:56 Album only
3 Behind The Lines (2015 Remastered) 03:56 Album only
4 The Roof Is Leaking (2015 Remastered) 03:17 Album only
5 Droned (2015 Remastered) 02:50 Album only
6 Hand In Hand (2015 Remastered) 05:23 Album only
7 I Missed Again (2015 Remastered) 03:46 Album only
8 You Know What I Mean (2015 Remastered) 02:33 Album only
9 Thunder And Lightning (2015 Remastered) 04:14 Album only
10 I'm Not Moving (2015 Remastered) 02:35 Album only
11 If Leaving Me Is Easy (2015 Remastered) 04:55 Album only
12 Tomorrow Never Knows (2015 Remastered) 04:52 Album only
13 Misunderstanding (Live) 04:43 Album only
14 If Leaving Me Is Easy (Live) 07:24 Album only
15 In The Air Tonight (Live) 07:52 Album only
16 Behind The Lines (Live) 03:40 Album only
17 The Roof Is Leaking (feat. Eric Clapton) (Demo) 03:12 Album only
18 Hand In Hand (Live) 09:48 Album only
19 I Missed Again (Live) 04:23 Album only
20 ..And So To F (Live) (2015 Remastered) 06:22 Album only
21 This Must Be Love (Demo) 03:44 Album only
22 Please Don't Ask (Demo) 04:01 Album only
23 Misunderstanding (Demo) 02:54 Album only
24 Against All Odds (Live) 02:59 Album only

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Phil Collins had already tasted stardom in Genesis, but as a solo artist, he became a superstar. Initially released shortly after the performer's 30th birthday, FACE VALUE was propelled to international multi-Platinum status with the help of the smash hit “In The Air Tonight.” Other notable tracks on the album include the follow-up singles “I Missed Again” and “If Leaving Me Is Easy,” as well as “Behind The Lines,” which was written with the singer’s Genesis colleagues Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. Collins was going through a divorce as he was making the 1981 collection, and the combination of emotionally raw balladry and upbeat, R&B-tinged pop-rock remains striking. A new 35th anniversary Deluxe Edition of FACE VALUE adds a disc of live and demo recordings compiled by Phil himself.