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GENERATIONS is a continuation down the musical road that began with MIRROR (2006). The idea in mind was, and is, to create forms for improvisation that imitate aspects of the natural world: growth patterns, organic proportions, symmetry, polarity, gravity, momentum, recursiveness, the harmonic series, the wave forms of melody, the rhythmic cycles of life. Of course these ideas are not new: they have been explored in music and art since ancient times. The goal of this music is to look at ways that the blend of composition and improvisation might be able to mirror the balance of order and chaos found in nature. The first album, MIRROR, was a kind of survey of many different possible directions, and GENERATIONS is a close look at a very few of them. A small number of guiding principles are the seeds which "generate" the forms and sounds. Like siblings with the same DNA, the compositions are all related, but not the same. In reality, the genetic material of this music lies in visual shapes and symbols. In order to give an idea of how the music might "look," there is a series of accompanying drawings that follow a kind of generative cycle.

In an effort to convey the natural energy, sound, and spirit of the performance, GENERATIONS was recorded in a continuous hour-long take. There are no overdubs, no breaks, and no studio or electronic effects. The goal was to capture an hour of time on tape, and hear how that hour was filled with sound on one particular day. The hope is that the listener can feel the natural progression of a live performance. Someone expecting a "guitar" record may be suprised to find that, while there are a few guitar solos, the focus here is on group dynamics and interplay, rather than guitar technique or any particular notion of a "leader." The performance by seven musicians on this album represents one cycle of life of a handful of musical seeds, the birth and death of a organism with seven parents. The nature of improvised music ensures that each succeeding generation of this creature will have its own character and purpose.

"the joy of Generations is that while cosmic arithmetists will have a field day, there's plenty for anyone who just likes to hear great soloists burn while tumbling rhythms wash overhead." - Patrick Jarenwattananon, NPR Music