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1 A Life for the Czar (excerpts): Act II: Polonaise and Chorus: Bog vojnyi posle bitv… (After the Ba 3:34 $2.49 Buy
2 A Life for the Czar (excerpts): Act IV: Tchujut pravdu! (They sense the truth!), "Ivan Susanin's ari 3:32 $2.49 Buy
3 Rusalka, Act III (excerpts): Act III: Nevol'no k etim grustnyim berega?& (Some unknown power), "Prin 4:17 $2.49 Buy
4 Rusalka, Act III (excerpts): Act III: Chto eto znachit? (What does this mean?), "Mad scene" 8:26 88/24 Album only
5 Iolanthe, Op. 69: Net, charyi lask krasyi myatezhnoj, "Vaudemont's Romance" 2:57 $2.49 Buy
6 Pique Dame (The Queen of Spades), Op. 68: Act III: Uzh polnoch blizitsya, "Lisa's aria" 3:39 $2.49 Buy
7 Mazeppa, Act II: O Marija, Marija, "Mazeppa's Arioso" 3:33 $2.49 Buy
8 Aleko: Volsebnoy siloy pesnopen'ya (The Magic Power of Song), "Old Gipsy's Story" 3:46 $2.49 Buy
9 Prince Igor, Act II (excerpts): Act II: Ni sna me otdykha (No sleep no rest), "Prince Igor's aria" 4:52 $2.49 Buy
10 Prince Igor, Act II (excerpts): Act II: Zdorov li, knyaz? (Are you in good health, Prince?), "Koncha 4:31 $2.49 Buy
11 Prince Igor, Act II (excerpts): Act II: Recitative: Gey, privesti syuda! (Hey, bring the captive gir 2:04 $2.49 Buy
12 Prince Igor, Act II (excerpts): Act II: Polovtsian Dances 9:15 $2.49 Buy

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The Bolshoi Experience
Highlights from Russian Operas
Soloists, Chorus
and Orchestra of the
Bolshoi Theatre Moscow
conducted by
Alexander Vedernikov

"This co-production of the Bolshoi Theatre (the word translates as "Great") and Pentatone brings a sampling of the typical opera-goers' experience in one of the great world centres of opera. And in exemplary surround sonics instead of the awful sound of Soviet-ear recordings or the so-so sound of many more recent Russian efforts¦.The last selection is one of the most energetic and dramatic versions of the orchestral Polovtsian Dances I've ever heard - making a grand audiophile wrap up to an interesting survey of the Bolshoi Experience. The acoustics of the huge venue are excellent and the 5.0 surround recreates them with much realism." - John Sunier, audiophile audition