Horneman: Orchestral Works

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Horneman: Orchestral Works 1:06:00 $17.98
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1 Gurre Suite - I. Ouverture (Overture): Allegro non troppo 4:33 48/24 Album only
2 Gurre Suite - II. Forspeil til 2 Akt. Volmer og Tove (Prelude to Act 2: Volmer and Tove): Allegretto 5:02 48/24 Album only
3 Gurre Suite - III. Forspil til 4 Akt. Toves Ligfaerd (Prelude to Act 4: Tove's Funeral Precession): Largo 4:11 48/24 Album only
4 Gurre Suite - IV. Forspil til 5 Akt. I Skoven ved Gurre (Prelude to Act 5: In the Woods near Gurre): Allegro nonn troppo 2:34 $2.49 Buy
5 Suite from The Contest with the Muses - I. Soloppgang (Sunrise): Andantino - Tranquillo quasi ad libitum 2:13 $2.49 Buy
6 Suite from The Contest with the Muses - II. Muse-Kor (Chorus of the Muses) 2:54 $2.49 Buy
7 Suite from The Contest with the Muses - III. Satyrdans (Dance of the Satyrs): Andantino 4:14 48/24 Album only
8 Suite from The Contest with the Muses - IV. Bakkantisk dans (Bacchanale): Allegro con brio 3:58 $2.49 Buy
9 Ouverture Heroique 12:32 48/24 Album only
10 Suite from Kalanus - I. Introduction and Prayer: Andante sostenuto - Andante 7:14 48/24 Album only
11 Suite from Kalanus - II. Festive and the Sentencing of Kalanus: Allegri vivace - Andantino 4:14 48/24 Album only
12 Suite from Kalanus - III. Alexander: Allegro con fuoco 5:42 48/24 Album only
13 Suite from Kalanus - IV. Kalanus i Feberdromme (Kalanus's Feverish Dreams) 3:55 $2.49 Buy
14 Suite from Kalanus - V. Introduction to Act V (Death of Kalanus): Molto maestoso 2:44 $2.49 Buy

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The composer C.F.E. Horneman (1840-1906) was acclaimed by his famous fellow-countryman Carl Nielsen as "the bright flame and lambent fire of Danish music." The sensitive composer himself had to struggle with a fiery temperament, and as a result of a succession of unfortunate circumstances his overall oeuvre was very small. This album presents a collection of Horneman's magnificent orchestral works, all of which have a background in mythological and historical dramas: the Ouverture Heroique of his youth, and the three major mature works: Kalanus, Thamyris and the Gurre Suite.

"DNSO plays beautifully while exploiting every ounce of Dacapo's rich surround sound." - Audiophile Audition