Top American Jazz Artists

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  1. Every Man Should Know
  2. Quiet Pride - The Elizabeth Catlett Project
  3. Entre Amigos
  4. New York Reunion
  5. My Blue Heaven
  6. Bags Meets Wes
  7. Home


    Sample rate(s): 96kHz/24bit
    Artist: Jane Monheit
  8. Concord On A Summer Night
  9. Like Minds
  10. Chamber Music Society
  11. Stan Getz With Cal Tjader
  12. Standing On the Rooftop
  13. In New York (Original Jazz Classics Remasters)
  14. Inception


    Sample rate(s): 96kHz/24bit
    Artist: McCoy Tyner
  15. Ron Carter's Great Big Band

    Ron Carter's Great Big Band

    Sample rate(s): 96kHz/24bit & 44.1kHz/16bit
    Artist: Ron Carter
  16. Afro Bossa
  17. Concert In The Virgin Islands
  18. Change Of The Century
  19. Me Myself An Eye
  20. The Symphonic Ellington
  21. Tonight At Noon

    Tonight At Noon

    Sample rate(s): 192kHz/24bit
    Artist: Charles Mingus
  22. Piano Starts Here: Live at The Shrine - Zenph Re-performance
  23. Radio Music Society
  24. Illuminations


    Sample rate(s): 176kHz/24bit & 88kHz/24bit
    Artist: McCoy Tyner
    Label: Telarc
  25. What A Wonderful World
  26. The Quintet: Jazz At Massey Hall [Original Jazz Classics Remasters]
  27. Another Country
  28. Song for My Father
  29. Hot House

    Hot House

    Sample rate(s): 96kHz/24bit
  30. Heavy Weather
  31. The Blue Room
  32. The Heart Of The Matter
  33. To Love Somebody
  34. Dave Digs Disney
  35. WomanChild
  36. Blowin' The Blues Away

    Blowin' The Blues Away

    Sample rate(s): 192kHz/24bit & 96kHz/24bit
    Artist: Horace Silver
  37. The Vigil

    The Vigil

    Sample rate(s): 96kHz/24bit
    Artist: Chick Corea
  38. The Bridge (Remastered)
  39. Songbook (Deluxe Edition)
  40. I Put A Spell On You
  41. New Moon Daughter
  42. Kind Of Blue
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