L'histoire du Clochard (The Bum's Tale)

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Steve Swallow and Ohad Talmor met in 1995 when they played together in a band of a Swiss trumpeter. They immediately felt an affinity for each other’s musical approach and sounds and kept in touch. A while later, they found themselves playing together again in a band of a different Swiss trumpeter and finally talked about working together in a unique way.

“L’Histoire Du Clochard (The Bum’s Tale)” is the entrancing result. The recording came about when Talmor proposed that he rearrange Swallow’s compositions.

Swallow recalls:
“Ohad warned me when he proposed L’Histoire that he didn’t intend to treat my pieces nicely. As I’d developed a high regard for his musicality, I told him to have his way. And so he has. He’s found startling means to move these pieces forward, to send the music in directions I hadn’t imagined. Think how exciting it would be to find your work radically transformed. You should call him up, ask him to do the same for you.”

Combining Talmor’s training in the classical world and Swallow’s lyricism, L’Histoire feels like a full-scale symphony in motion. In fact, Talmor bases his arrangements on the foundation of Stravinsky’s “Soldier’s Tale,” using the same orchestration but without percussion. Instead of bassoon, Talmor – a versatile saxophonist, clarinetist, composer and arranger – plays tenor saxophone. Ultimately the project reveals a side of Swallow’s composing that’s rarely heard.