Love Will Linger On

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Love Will Linger On 58:25 $11.98
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1 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [Peggy Seeger] 3:20 $1.49 Buy
2 Autumn Wedding [Peggy Seeger] 3:17 $1.49 Buy
3 Down By The Flowing River [Peggy Seeger] 2:47 $1.49 Buy
4 Mysterious Lover [Peggy Seeger] 2:55 $1.49 Buy
5 My Joy Of You [Peggy Seeger] 5:00 $1.49 Buy
6 Fiddling Soldier [Peggy Seeger] 3:55 $1.49 Buy
7 Swallow And Trout [Peggy Seeger] 2:32 $1.49 Buy
8 Love Affair [Peggy Seeger] 9:01 44.1/16 Album only
9 Love Will Linger On [Peggy Seeger] 4:19 $1.49 Buy
10 Primrose Hill [Peggy Seeger] 4:33 $1.49 Buy
11 The Dog Of Time [Peggy Seeger] 3:12 $1.49 Buy
12 Call On Your Nameq [Peggy Seeger] 3:48 $1.49 Buy
13 Birds Of A Feather [Peggy Seeger] 9:46 44.1/16 Album only

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Love Will Linger On is a collection of love songs that Peggy Seeger calls "one of the most enjoyable projects of my life." Six of the songs are Peggy Seeger originals, three are traditional, and the remaining balance of songs were written by other writers.

Peggy is accompanied by her three children on this CD: Neil MacColl, Calum MacColl and Kitty MacColl. The CD was produced by Calum, who is a well-known artist in his own right in the UK. Guitar, mandolin, bass, percussion, concertina, piano and autoharp are just some of the instrumentation used on the album. Highlights of the CD include "Autumn Wedding," a song which Peggy wrote with Irene Scott for the wedding of her brother Mike Seeger in 1995, and "Primrose Hill," a song that features the beautiful pennywhistle playing of Calum MacColl.

"A perspicacious commentator on both personal and political issues