MARGIONO, Charlotte: Sings Wagner

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MARGIONO, Charlotte: Sings Wagner 1:00:50 $11.98
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1 Lohengrin, Act I: Vorspiel 8:40 44.1/16 Album only
2 Wesendonc Lieder: No. 1. Der Engel 3:26 $1.49 Buy
3 Wesendonc Lieder: No. 2. Stehe still 3:54 $1.49 Buy
4 Wesendonc Lieder: No. 3. Im Treibhaus 5:50 $1.49 Buy
5 Wesendonc Lieder: No. 4. Schmerzen 2:44 $1.49 Buy
6 Wesendonc Lieder: No. 5. Traume 4:33 $1.49 Buy
7 Lohengrin, Act I: Einsam in truben Tagen (Elsa's dream) 6:39 $1.49 Buy
8 Tristan and Isolde (excerpts): Act I: Prelude 9:58 44.1/16 Album only
9 Tristan and Isolde (excerpts): Act III: Mild und leise (Isolde's Liebestod) 6:28 $1.49 Buy
10 Tannhauser, Act III: Allmacht'ge Jungfrau! (Elisabeth's prayer) 6:13 $1.49 Buy
11 Die Walkure, Act I: Du bist der lenz 2:25 $1.49 Buy

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Charlotte Margiono sings Richard Wagner Wesendonck Lieder & Arias

Charlotte Margiono, soprano
Limburg Symphony Orchestra Maastricht
conducted by: Ed Spanjaard

"When Margiono starts her recital with the Wesendonck Lieder (orchestration by Felix Mottl), one is immediately struck by her large, supple voice and pure tone. Her honeyed notes are filled with devotion, and unlike some singers in the much-lamented 1980s and 1990s, she seems more concerned with the music's innerlich quality than with correct technique. In addition, she has a good sense of tempi and dramatic action. Her Schmerzen is full-bodied, with much color and variety in texture and cadence". - Dalia Geffen, Audiophile Audition