Music And Dance

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7 Saturday Dance Pt 2 [Derek Bailey] 8:26 44.1/16 Album only
8 Saturday Dance Pt 3 [Derek Bailey] 3:59 $1.49 Buy
9 Saturday Dance Pt 4 [Derek Bailey] 5:16 $1.49 Buy
10 Saturday Dance Pt 5 [Derek Bailey] 3:32 $1.49 Buy

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Personnel includes: Derek Bailey (guitar); Min Tanaka.

These pieces were live accompaniments to solo dance performances by Min Tanaka.

Personnel: Derek Bailey (guitar).

Recording information: Paris, France (07/1980).

For these 1980 sessions, the peerless improv guitarist joined interpretive dancer Tanaka under the leaky roof of a Parisian forge. As a storm raged outside, musician and dancer engaged in a spontaneous exchange in the succinct vocabulary of their chosen forms. "Rain Dances" catches Bailey at his most expressive. He coaxes harmonic sparks and gilded chord splinters from his acoustic guitar in response to Tanaka's nuanced choreography. With brilliant clarity, the forge's acoustics capture not only Bailey's serrated phrases and Tanaka's spry footfalls but also the rain pelting--and leaking through--the glass roof.

Tanaka can be heard moving across the floor as the storm competes for attention. Bailey pauses momentarily but resumes his extraordinary performance, playing in response to both the rain and Tanaka's bodily percussion. "Saturday Dance" revisits the same space, two days later. As the guitarist notes, "the weather behaved itself," leaving the improvisers free to engage in even more intimate and undisturbed interaction. Even an unfortunate coughing fit fails to distract the remarkably focused musician. Tanaka's inspired movements echo throughout the room while Bailey, reveling in his range, works melodic caprice, fretwork flurries and grazings, and discordant jabs into a bravura performance that is never less than enthralling.

Spin (4/98, p.130) - "...reissues an obscure cassette filled with the telekinetic transmissions between Bailey's splattery strings, Tanaka's sinewy stretches, and the forces of nature..."