Music & Poetry in the Middle Ages

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Music & Poetry in the Middle Ages 1:12:48 $17.98
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1 Concert Start 0:33 96/24 Album only
2 Psalm 115, "Nich uns, o Herr" [Apel Codex, ca. 1500] 3:35 $2.49 Buy
3 Benedicamus Domino [14th to 15th Century] 0:34 96/24 Album only
4 Confessions: Chapter 1: Gross bist du, Herr 0:26 96/24 Album only
5 Benedicamus Domino [12th Century] 1:52 96/24 Album only
6 Confessions: Chapter 6: Ich liebe dich, Herr 1:11 $2.49 Buy
7 Benedicamus Domino 2:08 96/24 Album only
8 Wenn ich scheine musst Du leuchten 1:05 96/24 Album only
9 Aucun - Amor - Kyrie [Montpellier Codex, 13th Century] 1:51 96/24 Album only
10 Ars maior: "A" setzen wir, das ist unser Herr und Gott 1:48 96/24 Album only
11 Hoquetus David: Tribulatio proxima est 2:12 96/24 Album only
12 Oh Himmel-Konig [13th Century] 0:52 96/24 Album only
13 Motet No. 21. Christe qui lux es - Veni creator spiritus - Tribulatio proxima est 3:50 96/24 Album only
14 O Mensch, bezeichnet und geziert mit Gottes Ebenbild 0:40 96/24 Album only
15 Nova laude, terra, plaude [1300] 2:00 96/24 Album only
16 Omnis mundus - Omnes nunc [14th Century] 1:42 96/24 Album only
17 Wie uns die Heiligen helfen [1471] 0:41 96/24 Album only
18 Arcangel San Miguel [Cancionero musical del Palacio, 1500] 1:55 96/24 Album only
19 Handbuch der Heiligen: Der heilige Erzengel Michael [Middle Ages] 1:38 96/24 Album only
20 St. Martein, lieber Herre 2:10 96/24 Album only
21 Quem terra, pontus, aethera [1300] 3:47 96/24 Album only
22 Durch die Frau kam das Ubel - durch die Frau kam das Gute 0:50 96/24 Album only
23 Ad laudes marie cantemus hodie [12th Century] 1:09 96/24 Album only
24 Einen gekronten reien 5:40 $2.49 Buy
25 Don Quixote: Und hatte ich auch nichts anderes 0:22 96/24 Album only
26 Cantigas de Santa Maria: Praeludio, "Santa Maria amar" 2:41 96/24 Album only
27 Cantigas de Santa Maria: Gran dereit 3:38 96/24 Album only
28 Das Buch vom Heiden und den drei Weisen: Nachdem der Heide alle Darlegungen angehort hatte 1:18 96/24 Album only
29 O flos fragrans 3:16 96/24 Album only
30 Vergene bella 3:54 96/24 Album only
31 Ave mater, O Maria 5:56 $2.49 Buy
32 Der Tanz ist ein Ring oder Zirkel, des Mittel der Teufel ist 0:52 96/24 Album only
33 Chaldivaldi [14th Century] 3:29 96/24 Album only
34 Summa Theologica: Question 168, article 3: Wie schon oben gesagt 3:13 96/24 Album only

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Les Menestrels

Hosanna in excelsis

Texts and music from the spiritual world
of the Middle Ages

works by

Gherardello de Florenzia (1310-1370)
Guillaume de Machault (um 1300-1377)
Hermann, Munch von Salzburg (2nd part of 14th century)
Heinrich von Mugeln (14th century)
Guillaume Dufay (1400-1474)
Alfonso el Sabio (1221-1284)
Johannes Bassart (middle of 15th century)
Kolmarer Liederhandschrift (15th century)
Oswald von Wolkenstein (c. 1377-1445)
Nicolaus Apel (c. 1470-1537)
Codex Montpellier (13th century)
Codex Squarcialupi (14th century)
and others

A concert recording from the minster at abbey Maulbronn, produced by Josef-Stefan Kindler & Andreas Otto Grimminger

Texts and music from the spiritual world of the European Middle Ages form the subject matter of this programme, which the Les Menestrels Ensemble has put together specially for this performance held in the monastery church at Maulbronn. One is astonished by the abundant variety of language and subject matter on offer here. Yet perhaps even more astonishing is the widespread, cross-border dissemination of a body of religious and cultural thought that flourished outside church walls. In today’s monotonous popular culture, shaped as it is by the dogma that what sells is what matters, cultural and human values no longer enjoy pride of place. Linguistic standardisation is pursued aggressively, and dialects, expressions and cultural resonances travel beyond regional borders in only the rarest of cases. In the song as cultivated in the Middle Ages, however, we find a linguistically multifaceted culture; one that is, in this sense, truly more European.

--Josef-Stefan Kindler