• C Major DVD includes performances by Herbert von Karajan, Leonard Bernstein and other legendary classical music stars as well as Anna Netrebko, Placido Domingo and Cecilia Bartoli in more than 2,100 programs of music & art on film and TV formats. Since 2006, C Major Entertainment has distributed the unique UNITEL Catalogue.
  • C.O.B. Records
  • c/o Label Services
  • CA Records, Inc
  • California Country Music
  • Calvada Sound Company
  • Based in Minnesota, Calvin offers high quality music in a wide variety of genres.
  • Founded in 1979, Cambria is an independent American label specializing predominantly in the classical repertoire. Our emphasis is on American composers (including William Grant Still and David Maslanka); women composers (including Germaine Tailleferre, Florence Price and Elinor Remick Warren) and historical re-issues. The Cambria label has also produced a series of recordings chronicling the careers of emigre composers and performers such as Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Miklos Rozsa, Jacob Gimpel, Ernest Gold, Leon Levitch and Eugene Zador. Cambria also makes occasional excursions into the world of Jazz. In addition, Cambria maintains a vast sound and paper ephemera archive on Southern California's Musical Heritage dating from the 1860s. The label was named after a small town with panoramic, ocean views located on a scenic stretch of California's famed Highway 1. Cambria is dedicated to "lighting dark corners in the musical repertoire." Much of the catalog consists of rare, eclectic and unusual works that merit revival or broader exposure. In essence, the Cambria catalog should satisfy one's thirst for musical adventure and discovery. In 1996, Cambria affiliated with Troppe Note Recordings to form Cambria-Troppe Note. This new international label partner with Cambria is dedicated to releasing an international repertoire with emphasis in the music and performers from the newly independent Ukraine.
  • The Record Label Canary Classics is the record label of violinist Gil Shaham. Gil Shaham established Canary Classics as one of the very first artist owned labels in 2003, allowing him the artistic freedom to collaborate where he feels there is an artistic and musical synergy. Why Canary Classics? The name is essentially a pun, invoking both the songbird and ‘canar’, the Hebrew word for violinist. For well over 10 years Gil Shaham was a prolific recording artist on the Deutsche Grammophon label. With Canary Classics Gil Shaham is now able to record with whom he chooses and release what he wants "freedom is invaluable," and adds, "I always had a problem with authority.” A Family Business ‘Canary Classics is kind of like a family business’ says Shaham ‘like a restaurant and hopefully people like the food and will come back. Technology and the evolution of digital have really set us artists free. You can make the highest quality recording pretty much on your laptop now. When I first started making recordings, you had huge walls of equipment. You still need a great engineer and producer, but the recording process is relatively inexpensive now." The ‘family business’ grows at the rate of 2 – 3 recordings every year and has allowed Gil Shaham to work and record with close musical friends and family. Sister Orli Shaham has recorded for Canary Classics, along with Gil’s wife, violinist Adele Anthony, as well as conductor David Robertson, music director of the St. Louis Symphony, who as it happens is Orli Shaham’s husband!
  • Candy House Media
  • Candy Rat Records
  • Canis Major Digital
  • Cantaloupe Music is the record label created in March 2001 by the three founders of New York's legendary Bang on a Can Festival: composers Michael Gordon, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe, and Bang on a Can managing director Kenny Savelson. Cantaloupe Music has made a massive impact in the new music community, and been recognized by critics and fans around the globe for its adventurous sounds.
  • Canvasback / Infectious / Sudden
  • The 1990s saw the arrival of acts such as Life of Agony, Machine Head, Suffocation, Type O Negative, and underground grunge rockers Willard. Former Columbia Records imprint Canvasback Music-best-known for releasing in 2007 the soundtrack to the Academy Award-winning film "Once," which featured music from the Swell Season-has signed a multiyear, worldwide label services and distribution deal with Atlantic Records. Under the partnership, artists signed to Canvasback/Atlantic will have access to label resources under the Warner Music Group (WMG) banner and receive distribution through WEA and Warner Music International.
  • Canvasback/Turntable Kitchen/Atlantic
  • Capital Cities
  • Capitol Recrods (France)
  • Capitol (France) (i)
  • Capitol Nashville is one of country music’s most prominent imprints, having been named label of the year by Billboard, Radio & Records and Music row in 2005. It is part of EMI, the world’s largest independent music company, and is home to a roster of country music legends, emerging artists, and global superstars.
  • Capitol Records was founded in Los Angeles, California in the early 1940’s. Today, Capitol Records is part of EMI, one of the largest music companies in the world. It is home to renowned artists like Coldplay, The Beatles, The Decemberists, The Beach Boys, Bob Seger and more!
  • Capitol Records (i)
  • Capitol Records Nashville is a major United States-based record label located in Nashville Tennessee operating as part of the Capitol Music Group. Capitol Nashville was formerly known as Liberty Records from 1991 until 1995 when it was changed back to Capitol. In 1993 Liberty opened a sister label, Patriot Records, but it was closed in 1995. In 1999 EMI launched Virgin Records Nashville but by 2001 Capitol absorbed the short-lived label. Capitol Nashville remained a stand- alone label until 2010 when it launched EMI Nashville. Capitol Nashville is also home to several successful comedy artist’s who remain on their roster today. On March 23, 2011, Alan Jackson signed with Capitol’s EMI Nashville division in conjunction with his own ACR Records label. In late 2012 Capitol Records Nashville became part of the Universal Music Group after a merger between EMI and UMG.
  • Cappella Romana
  • The classic music label Capriccio was founded by Delta Music in 1982. From the beginning, it was not this label’s aim to compete with the major companies and their classical labels, their stars and their vast archives. Capriccio always wanted to fill the niches that other labels kept neglecting. This philosophy has not changed over the last 25 years. Capriccio is committed to the music fans that look beyond the paths of mainstream classical music and who are curious to discover unknown repertoires, young artists, as well as inventive programs. All this offer artists like Christine Schäfer, Petersen Quartet, Tabea Zimmermann, Vladimir Spivakov and many others.
  • Caprice
  • Capriola
  • Captain Underpants
  • Captain Underpants (i)
  • Captcha Records (HBSP-2X)
  • Cardas Records is an independent label.
  • Cargo
  • Cargo
  • caribbean flow
  • Caribou
  • Carl Davis Collection
  • Carl Davis Collection
  • Carnival Music isn’t a publishing company, or a record label, though it does the work of both. It’s a music company, front to back, founded by industry veterans Frank Liddell and Travis Hill in 1997, not with the intent of using music to prop up a business, but to build a business that could find and nurture compelling, lasting music, and set the stage for compelling, lasting careers. Liddell’s own career brought him to Nashville in the early ’90s, first to work at publishing company Bluewater Music, then to guide the work of Gary Allan, Lee Ann Womack and others as part of the A&R department at Decca Records. The rigidity of the more traditional Nashville music model left Liddell feeling cold and cornered, so he and Hill set out to create Carnival Music with a thoroughly different approach. “I’ve always wanted to be sort of an island,” Liddell says. “I love the Atlantic Records story — it was a music-driven label, and the people that worked there were musically driven. They were, perhaps, competitive, but it seemed to me that they all championed each other. I’ve always wanted Carnival to be that: You’re protected if you’re here. If we like your music, we’re gonna help you get to where you want to go, and we’re gonna protect your music first and foremost.” That long-haul sensibility felt right to Liddell as a music lover. But it’s also continued to feel like smart business sense, since Carnival’s successes have, by and large, come as a result of letting a love of songs lead the way, then standing by the writers who created those songs. Among the songs the Carnival team proudly helped push to No. 1: David Nail’s “Let It Rain,” Scooter Carusoe’s Kenny Chesney-cut “Anything But Mine” and Troy Jones’ “People Are Crazy.” (The latter, performed by Billy Currington, also earned a song of the year Grammy nomination.) Bruce Robison, David Nail, Heather Little, Jedd Hughes, Natalie Hemby, Sam and Annie Tate, Scooter Carusoe and Troy Jones all earned their first No. 1 after joining the Carnival roster — which speaks both to the talent of those writers and the dedication of the Carnival staff. “I just firmly feel that if we believe in somebody enough to sign them, then we should see it through,” Liddell says. “I’ve known so many people who have come to this town and it’s been 10 years before it’s worked for them as a songwriter.” That much is true for several Carnival writers. The Dixie Chicks hit with “Travelin’ Soldier” in 2003, when the song — penned by the first writer signed to Carnival’s roster, heralded Texas songsmith Robison — was already 13 years old. “Angry All the Time,” a Robison-penned No. 1 for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in 2001, had been around for 11. Don Henry and Phillip Coleman’s “All Kinds of Kinds” had 15 years behind it when Miranda Lambert (whose Kerosene, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Revolution and Four the Record were all produced by Liddell) made it a hit in 2013. It wasn’t necessarily that Liddell saw guaranteed hits in a deep writing well when he linked up with those writers. He just saw undeniable writing talent, and wanted to be a part of getting great songs heard. “Those songs meant so much to me as a human being,” Liddell says of Robison’s work, “that owning them was like owning a Rembrandt.”  That vision has carried through to and informed the growth of Carnival’s current roster, which includes country voices David Nail, Brent Cobb and Hailey Whitters, roots-rooted talents Stoney LaRue, Rob Baird, and Mando Saenz and the style-blending Logan Brill and Derik Hultquist. Each Carnival writer puts forth his or her own stylistic stamp; all possess that undeniable talent. “Examining our roster of artists, one finds a diversity and a consistency that seems natural,” says Carnival’s Courtney Gregg. “They all know who they are and what they wantto say, and our place is to cultivate the path that allows that voice to be heard for each of them.” That cultivation means helping Carnival artists develop, bolstering them as they find their footing, and setting a foundation that a strong, long legacy can be built upon. “We take a lot of pride that our writers come to us relatively unknown and are given the simultaneous freedom and challenge to develop their own unique voice here,” says Carnival’s Matthew Miller. “It’s easy to label it as an ‘anti-commercial’ mindset but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Songs like ‘Anything But Mine’ and ‘People Are Crazy’ are both commercially successful and will stand the test of time. “ Liddell was drawn to Nashville because of career artists like Steve Earle, and the belief that real artistry could and should be commercially viable. And working to bring that belief to bear remains rewarding, personally and professionally, for the entire Carnival staff. “We’ve always done best finding great music and sticking by talent,” Liddell says. “I think if we can continue down that road, finding people that are unique to us and doing everything we can to make it happen for them, then we’re all gonna succeed, together.”
  • Caroline Distribution
  • Caroline Distribution (i)
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