• E.X.R METAL Records
  • EA Music
  • EA TM Music
  • Eagle Rock Records is a division of Eagle Rock Entertainment, which produces top quality, high-definition and 3D programs, both concerts and documentaries, including The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Queen, The Doors, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney and Ozzy Osbourne.
  • Eagle Rock Entertainment
  • Earache Records was founded in 1986 in Nottingham, England by owner Digby Pearson, helping to kickstart a global music revolution in the process. The label was responsible for some of the very first extreme metal recordings ever released, launching the careers of metal pioneers such as Napalm Death, Morbid Angel and Carcass and ushering in a new scene standard which still thrives to this very day. Following the worldwide explosion and success of the grindcore and death metal scenes it helped to create, Earache spearheaded the thrash metal revival in the late '00s along with the return of NWOBHM-style heavy metal, before expanding its range to blues rock in the form of rising superstars Rival Sons and The Temperance Movement. With three Top 20 UK chart hits in the last year alone, two Guinness World Records to its name, and tracks featured in Hollywood blockbuster movies and chart-smashing video games, Earache's innovation and contribution to the music world is unquestioned. The label is still fully independent and founder-owned after over 25 years, with one eye kept proudly on the past and one firmly focused on the stars of tomorrow.
  • Eardruma/Interscope Records
  • earMUSIC is Edel Group's international Record company dedicated to rock, pop, metal and alternative rock repertoire. The label merges the experience and tradition of over 20 years of success of Edel worldwide with a renewed musical direction and fresh approach to the development of artist's career and new releases.
  • earMUSIC
  • Earmusic (Edel Germany Gmbh)
  • Earstorm
  • Eashwar Subramanian
  • East 47th Music
  • East River Records
  • East West Records is a company that is open to discover, develop, and help all fine, logical and unique artists with an international capacity of their talents, to be recorded. They have highly skilled Master Sound Recording Engineers with both analog and digital experience in all fields of the international world music spectrum are used. The record label is owned by Warner Music Group and was founded in 1955.
  • East West Records was revived in the UK in 2014 under the direction of Max Lousada, Chairman & CEO, Warner Music UK. The resurrected label is headed up by Dan Chalmers, President, Rhino, East West and ADA UK. Key artists on the East West roster include Robert Plant, Hunter Hayes, Simply Red, Si Cranstoun, Boyzone, Bette Midler and Jools Holland.
  • Easy Eye Sound
  • Easy Eye Sound/Nonesuch
  • Easy Eye Sound/Warner Music Nashville
  • Easy Life
  • Easy Life Recordings
  • Easy Sound Recording Company
  • Easy Star
  • Easy Star Records
  • Ebanisteria
  • EBGB's
  • Echo Courts
  • Echokammer
  • Ecko Records
  • Eclipse Music
  • Heavy metal record labels come and go, however few have established themselves as much as Eclipse. Eclipse Records is a premiere boutique metal record label and independent record company based just outside of New York City. The company was founded in 1997 by former music distribution executive Chris Poland. Mr. Poland still serves as the label’s CEO, while handling all A&R duties as well. Eclipse Records is primarily in the business of developing and promoting heavy metal, alternative metal, and hard rock bands. Spanning a history of almost twenty years, we have had great success with bands such as Mushroomhead, Bobaflex, A Breach of Silene, and Scum of the Earth (members of Rob Zombie, System of a Down, and Powerman 5000). More recently we have achieved critical acclaim with bands such as Blowsight, Saint Diablo, Despite, and others. 
  • The ECM New Series began in 1984 to feature Western classical music. The music ranges from early music to more contemporary works by John Cage, Elliot Carter and John Adams.
  • ECM New Series (i)
  • Founded in Munich by producer Manfred Eicher in 1969. Home to the legendary Keith Jarrett and more!
  • ECM Records (i)
  • ECR Music Group
  • Ecstatic Recordings
  • Ecstatic Records
  • Ed Banger Records is a French electronic record label founded in 2003.
  • Ed Banger Records / Because Music
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