• G-Man Entertainment Music Group
  • G.E.D. Soul Records was formed in the Summer of 2007 by Nick DeVan and Dave Singleton in Murfreesboro, TN.  But the story really began a couple years before that at Middle Tennessee State University where DeVan and Singleton had a weekly deep funk radio show called the G.E.D. Soul Revue.  The radio show necessitated the acquisition of countless hard funk and soul records, all of which were consumed in a manner befitting a soul music junky trying to scratch an unreachable itch.   This habit continued unchecked for about three years when the idea to press a funk 45 of their own was bandied about.  Nick, who engineers and mixes all of the label’s releases had recently acquired a couple old tape machines which were put to use rather quickly to capture the rough and tough sounds that would comprise the first 45 from a fictitious group called the Grips.  Drums and bass were recorded through a single microphone which was run through a fender reverb guitar amp to a 4 track cassette recorder which was then bounced to a 1/4″ tape deck for overdubs and then promptly smashed down to a 1/8″ Teac 2 track reel to reel.  It was a gritty record for sure, but by no means was it the grittiest.   Dee Adams, joined the picture at precisely this moment as he leant his masterfully powerful vocals to the A-Side, “Tennessee Strut” and the record was sent out into the wild with absolutely no fan fare.  But little by little, word began to spread about the gritty little yellow 7″ and before too long it was decided that Dee, or DeRobert, needed his own band.  So the three friends cobbled together many incarnations of the Half-Truths and the rest is history.   In more recent years, G.E.D. Soul’s line up has grown to include other Nashville based funk & soul acts including AJ & The Jiggawatts, the Coolin’ System, Magic in Threes, and more.   G.E.D. Soul is an independent musician owned record label. Operated on a shoestring budget, almost everyone involved juggles an intense love for music with the daily grind of a menial day job. Some say that type of daily struggling effects the music, we think so, in a positive way. When you purchase a record, CD, or download an MP3 from G.E.D. Soul, you are directly supporting a group of hardcore do-it-yourselfers who live and breath soul music and want nothing more than to continue bringing it to your ears, one record at a time.  
  • G.O.O.D. (Getting Out Our Dreams) Music is a record label founded by Kanye West in 2004. It is home to artists such as Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, Mos Def, John Legend, and Mr Hudson. The label is also home to a number of producers, such as Hudson Mohawke, Jeff Bhasker, No I.D., Q-Tip, and S1. Former artists of the label include Common, Kid Cudi, and Consequence. Seven albums released on G.O.O.D. have been certified gold or higher.
  • Gabriel Daniel
  • Gain
  • Gain Records
  • Galeao
  • Ganda Entertainment
  • Gargleblast Records
  • Gaser Discos
  • Gates Of Hell
  • Gaudeamus is home to some of the most ground-breaking projects in early music recording of recent years, with many world-premiere recordings.
  • Gearbox Records
  • Gee Recordings
  • Geffen Records was founded in 1980 by music industry businessman David Geffen who, in the early 1970s, had founded Asylum Records. Geffen stepped down from Asylum after being diagnosed with a cancerous cyst, but following confirmation that the growth was benign, he returned to work and struck a deal with Warner Bros. Records to create Geffen Records. Warner provided 100 percent of the funding for the label’s operations, while Geffen retained 50 percent of the profits, and distributed its records. (International distribution outside the US and Canada, meanwhile, moved from WEA in 1982 to CBS until 1990.)
  • Geffen Records (i)
  • GEISER. La Muerte Del Ego.La idea de GEISER es transmitir que la música emerge del centro de la tierra con la fuerza de la tierra misma, y esencialmente de eso se trata este disco. Y demostrar que la música y los artistas siguen surgiendo y renovándose.El nombre cuadra perfectamente para este proyecto, porque tiene que ver con el surgir, con volver visible algo que hasta ahora no lo era. Y "La Muerte Del Ego" tiene que ver con la idea de movimiento, y no de individualidad. La fuerza de GEISER está en todos los artistas que lo componen.GEISER es un semillero de artistas, y será un vehículo para nuevas bandas, una ventana para el gran público, un canal de vínculos entre ambas partes para que estas semillas crezcan y fecunden de la mejor manera posible.Las bandas y los temas que lo componen fueron cuidadosamente seleccionados por el productor artístico del proyecto, el talentoso y multifacético músico y productor Leo García, y forman parte de una corriente musical innovadora y moderna.El camino es infinito.La caravana continúa!
  • Genlyd
  • Genuin Records is an acclaimed independent classical label based in Germany.
  • German Dream Empire
  • Get A Long Records
  • Get Lucky Records
  • Get Lucky Records
  • G.O.O.D. (Getting Out Our Dreams) Music is a record label founded by Kanye West in 2004. It is home to artists such as Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, Mos Def, John Legend, and Mr Hudson. The label is also home to a number of producers, such as Hudson Mohawke, Jeff Bhasker, No I.D., Q-Tip, and S1. Former artists of the label include Common, Kid Cudi, and Consequence. Seven albums released on G.O.O.D. have been certified gold or higher.
  • Getting Out Our Dreams Inc. (G.O.O.D.) Music / IDJ
  • Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings
  • Getting Out Our Dreams/Sony Urban Music/Columbia
  • Geykido Comet Records
  • Ghetto Way
  • Ghostlight Records
  • Founded in 2000 by Kurt Deutsch and Sherie Rene Scott, Sh-K-Boom and its imprint Ghostlight Records has become the leading independent force in musical theatre recording—shining a light towards its future while continuing to honor its past. The label is renowned for its efforts to encourage and support the music of the most innovative new voices on Broadway, to help bridge the gap between pop/rock and musicals, and to preserve the scores of important works. As a label created by and for the Broadway community, the company has reinvented the musical theatre recording landscape through their high-quality recordings, innovative marketing techniques to reach the next generation of Broadway music fans, and the creation of a new type of ‘United Artists’ environment for Broadway producers and artists to participate in the funding and co-ownership of their albums.
  • Giancarlo Chiaramello
  • Giant
  • Indie Heavy Rock label out of OskKosh WI.
  • Songwriter Ed Sheeran's own record label, distributed by WMG.
  • Giorgio Bassmatti
  • Glass Air Records is an independent electronic music label whose artist roster includes The Glitch Mob, Ooah, edIT, and Boreta.
  • Glass Ivy Records
  • Glassnote Records is an independent label launched by music executive, Daniel Glass, in 2007. The label is home to renowned artists including Mumford & Sons, GIVERS, Justin Nozuka, Daughter and more.
  • Glassnote Records (i)
  • Glassnote is a division of Sony Music Entertainment.
  • Glitterhouse Records
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