• haenssler CLASSIC
  • Haive Productions Oy
  • Hakatak International
  • Halcyon Veil
  • Halflife Records was one of the leading independent music labels in Canada. The label, owned and operated by award winning artist/producer Classified, became part of Warner Music Group when fused with Atlantic Records. 
  • Welcome to the Hallé, Britain's longest-established symphony orchestra, founded in Manchester by Sir Charles Hallé in 1858. The Hallé CD label was launched in 2003 and features a number of highly-acclaimed recordings.
  • The Hallé Concerts Society was formally incorporated on 28 June 1899, although plans for its formation had been formed almost immediately after Sir Charles Halle died in 1895. A properly constituted body of guarantors was seen as the best way of securing the future of the Hallé Concerts and the Orchestra. Originally there were 50 members, including the then Lord Mayor, Alderman Gibson, the four local MPs, who included Prime Minister Balfour, three members of the Forsyth and Behrens families and Miss Gaskell, daughter of the author. The Society elected a Committee of Management, later the Executive Committee and eventually the Board. The first members were E J Broadfield, Chairman; Adolph Brodsky, Henry Simon, James Forsyth & Gustav Behrens. J Aikman Forsyth was the Hon. Secretary. The Society’s own records are arranged in the catalogue according to the existing departmental structure. Sections of the archive that are fully catalogued include the records of the Board and the Finance Department. Some records of the Chief Executive, Concerts and Marketing Departments have also been catalogued and all these catalogues are accessible on-line.
  • Now in its 158th season, the Hallé ranks among the UK's top symphonic ensembles, with a distinguished history of acclaimed performances in this country and around the world; award-winning recordings, radio broadcasts and educational outreach programmes; and a visionary commitment to building audiences and developing orchestral repertoire.The Hallé gave its first concert on 30th January 1858 under the baton of its founder Sir Charles Hallé. Until his death in 1895 Sir Charles conducted almost every concert, and performed as piano soloist at many. His sudden death shocked Manchester and the wider musical world, with his funeral procession bringing the city to a standstill. Three of his closest friends immediately set about securing the future of the Orchestra. The 1895-96 season had already been planned and so Henry Simon, Gustav Behrens and James Forsyth guaranteed it against loss. They renewed this commitment for a further three years whilst they set about forming and incorporating the Hallé Concerts Society. Under the guidance of such distinguished conductors as Hans Richter, Sir Hamilton Harty and Sir John Barbirolli the Orchestra continued to thrive and develop. For the vast majority of its history the Hallé’s home in Manchester was the Free Trade Hall. When war broke out in 1939 the building was requisitioned and of course bombed in the Manchester Blitz. During the war period the Hallé performed concert series in the Albert Hall and Kings Hall Belle Vue, as well in various other venues in and around Manchester including a variety of cinemas.The Free Trade Hall was rebuilt, opening with a triumphant season of concerts in 1951. The Hallé performed its last concert there on 30th June 1996 before moving into its magnificent new home just a few minutes walk away at The Bridgewater Hall.
  • Halley Records
  • Halo Entertainment Group
  • Hammerheart Records, for all your death metal, black metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, grindcore, sludge core etc.
  • Hammock Music is a label owned by Andrew Thompson and Marc Byrd.
  • Hampton Roads Music Group
  • Hand Drawn Dracula
  • Hand Drawn Dracula / Outside Music
  • Hand In Hive
  • Hands on Hustla Music / Rapbay / Urbanlife Distribution
  • Handshake Entertainment Inc.
  • Handwritten Records
  • Hang The Dj
  • Hard Electronic
  • Often referred to as Sub Pop's "sister label," Hardly Art is an offshoot of Sub Pop designed to spotlight emerging talent. While the label's initial focus was local when it started up in 2007, over the past decade it has expanded beyond the Cascade region to welcome artists from all over the United States and abroad to a roster that has grown increasingly varied and eclectic, encompassing the sounds of garage rock, post-punk, surf rock, power pop, electronic, and other debatably useful genre descriptors.
  • Founded in 1958 by Bernard Coutaz and headquartered in Arles, France, independent label Harmonia Mundi is an industry leader in the exploration and recording of rare musical repertoire extending from the Gregorian chant of the Middle Ages to cutting-edge music of the present day.
  • Harvest Records is a record label based in Hollywood, California. The label includes artists: The New Basement Tapes, TV On The Radio, Banks and more. 
  • Hasbro, Inc./RCA Records
  • Hassle Records
  • HauRuck
  • Hauskat Records
  • Hausu Mountain
  • Hawklords
  • Hckman Records
  • Hewhocorrupts Inc. started in 1999. Now many years later the poor decision we made in 1999 has lost us a lot of money.
  • We have created this special download of great sounding recordings that were recorded by some of the best engineers in the business so you can test and hear how good your headphones really are. Tests include: 1) Midrange tonality2) Low-Level Resolution3) Transparency4) Visceral Impact5) Out-Of-Head Imaging6) Center Focus7) Palpable Detail and Texture8) Rhythm9) Spatial Depth10) Depth11) Bass Extension12) Bass
  • Headnodic Records
  • Heads Music, LLC & Entertainment One U.S., LP
  • Since 1990, Heads Up International has been successfully carving its niche in the world of contemporary instrumental music.
  • The Hear Music label became a joint venture between Concord Music Group and Starbucks in 2007. The label develops emerging artists with inspired vision and extraordinary talent and also serves as a home for established artists with timeless resonance.
  • Heart Dance Recordings
  • Heartical Label
  • We make records with the heart and so much love.  
  • Heat City Records
  • On paper, Heavenly is a UK independent label founded by Jeff Barrett back in 1990, but anyone who really knows Heavenly is aware of its importance, its relevance, its deep-rooted brilliance and uncompromising naughty, chummy magic that flows throughout everything they do. The Heavenly family possess a borderline-spiritual love for music, expressed with an old-school friendliness that you just don’t tend to come across as much these days. For 28 years through an ever-changing musical landscape Heavenly have developed a sort of teflon cloak borne out of the purity of their intent and uncompromising quest for quality. Their unflinching dedication to good music and their razor-sharp ability to detect artists who can trigger specific, indefinable feelings, is second to none.
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