• Oberlin Music
  • ObliqSound is an independent record label that provides a home for artists around the globe interested in creating music that crosses the boundaries of traditional music labeling. Dedicated to both an instrumental and vocal series, ObliqSound endeavors to create a body of timeless, genre-defying music.
  • Oblivion
  • Obsessions
  • Obsidian
  • Odd Future is a record label founded by Tyler, The Creator.
  • Short lived record label originally founded in 1989 by Lou Adler.
  • Ode/Epic/Legacy is a division of Sony Music Entertainment. Its roster includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars.
  • We are an agency that offers distribution services, development of communication strategies and advice for artists and independent labels.
  • ODP
  • Odradek
  • A new way of doing classical Odradek Records is not just a new record label. Odradek Records is the first wedge of a larger project, proposing a new way to produce and enjoy classical music. We think that the current model undermines the true essence and significance of music. We think that a model centered on just a few big names, the great concert halls, a limited repertoire that is necessarily restricted by the bonds of popularity, a model that makes its selection of new young performers from the anti-musical system of competitions, the success of which is often obtained through extravagant histrionics rather than the correctness or subtlety of interpretation and finally, a model that is subject to the exploitation of the marketplace, and which obliges the majority of musicians to pay enormous sums to record CDs, for which the profits then go largely to the record company, thus depriving many very worthy but not wealthy musicians from the possibility of recording, is not only a model that is far from art, but is a model that even itself is in crisis. Ideally, music just as other primary goods, should not fall subject to the markets. We know that in a strict sense, this is utopian, but it is precisely this tension towards an unreachable utopia that guides our project. Odradek Records is a non-profit seeking label. Once production and distribution expenses are recuperated, all of our proceeds go directly to the artist. Odradek Records selects its artists solely through the criterion of utmost quality of the recording and the interest of the proposed program. We don’t want to exclude, but rather include: we are not interested if you have won important competitions or not, neither if you have performed in important halls or signed with major labels. We are not interested in your age or where you come from. The only thing that interests us is whether you play your instrument to a very high and professional level. With us you can record Chopin, but you can also record: Berio, Scelsi, Copland, Carter, Webern, Schönberg, Ligeti, Kurtag, Ives, and many others. Our recording studio avails itself of the greatest technical instruments available today. The distribution of our CDs is guided by an innovative criterion of transparency and flexibility in setting prices. Whenever possible we offer our discs under a Creative Commons license (sometimes referred to as copyleft policy) because we want to render legal and free all those things that almost everybody already illegally does anyway. We consider that the distribution of our music is not a one way street, but instead a dialogue. Only the presence of an active public gives true life to an artistic product. Write us. In the comments section you can leave opinions, suggestions, and criticisms of our music and our project. If you want to you can sign up as a Friend of Project Odradek, indicating your name, your profession, where you are from, and why you support Project Odradek. Send us your thoughts on the state of music, culture, and the arts: we’ll publish them on our blog. If you like us, help us spread the word by linking to us from your blogs, sites, and through your social networks. Odradek Records does not only produce CDs. We are convinced that the truest fruition of music happens in live concerts. For this reason we organize itinerant music festivals, moving from city to city, to promote our disks and music. And finally, a word about our name: we borrow it from Kafka. Like the worried family man in Kafka’s tale, we are also worried. We are worried that music might become always more and more an odradek, an indefinable and incomprehensible being, whose voice sounds falsely, like the voice of one who is without lungs, a being without form, disturbingly replicating that which was once alive, that can plastically become whatever is wished for by those who posses the instruments of power and control. We wish for the cage-like railing surrounding the man of Kafka’s drawing to become instead an instrument to play – we would like to transform our prison into our liberty. We would like to restore music to its true role, that of artwork, and restore musical interpretation to its true function, the only one that opens itself towards the possibility of a future: that of a field of research. Welcome to Project Odradek.
  • Oehms Classics is a German classical music label founded in 2003 by Dieter Oehms, a former manager for 35 years with DGG/Polygram and Arte Nova/BMG.
  • Off the Record is a record label specializing in historical performance practice recordings and is distributed by Harmonia Mundi.
  • Offering Recordings
  • Offering Recordings
  • Office Recordings
  • Oglio Records
  • OgreOgress is a label which produces recordings of otherwise unrecorded or unavailable works by both well-known and emerging composers, in addition to undertaking projects which benefit Tibetans in exile. CDs include chants by Tibetan monks from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery and the complete ‘number pieces’ for strings and/or percussion by John Cage.
  • Folk indie founded by John Prine in 1984.
  • Oh Yeah!
  • Ohm Resistance
  • Okeh Records is a division of Sony Music Entertainment specializing in acclaimed jazz recordings.
  • Okeh/Epic
  • Okeh/Legacy/Epic
  • Okeh Records s a division of Sony Music Entertainment specializing in acclaimed jazz recordings.
  • Old Crow Medicine Show / Columbia Nashville
  • Old Farm Pony Records
  • Formed in late 2008, Old Flame Records is the brainchild of Rob Mason. Rob worked his way up the industry starting as a street teamer for Sub Pop and the Street Syndicate, followed by an internship at WOXY Radio, and a two-year stint at Razor and Tie doing radio promotions and marketing. Old Flame is distributed by Redeye Distribution. Old Flame is focusing on digital releases with a limited physical component for you die-hards that still love physical tapes, cds and vinyl.
  • Old Green Barn/Sea Gayle Music/Warner Bros. is a label on which some of Sheryl Crows later records have been released.
  • Old Habits
  • Olde Focus Recordings
  • Rights management company, creative development firm, and record label established in 2004.
  • OMF
  • OMF Records
  • Omnivore Recordings was founded in 2010, by record-collecting, music-loving friends who, prior to coming together to form the company, had each spent the last few decades working in the music business. By combining their areas of expertise, they felt they could produce recordings that they themselves would love to own.
  • On Your Own Records
  • On-U Sound is one of the U.K.’s most important independent labels. It is home to a strikingly diverse catalog of titles. It has become known for experimentalism, spewing forth incredible, far-fetched, sometimes completely baffling tunes, never straying far from the cutting edge.
  • Founded in 2003 by musician and sound engineer Alessandro Simonetto, OnClassical is an Italian based record label that features solo instrument and chamber music. In the first years the catalogue included artists such as Maurizio Baglini, Rustem Hayroudinoff, Marco Tezza, Gianluca Luisi, Alberto Nosè, Mariangela Vacatello, Roberto Plano, Leonid Egorov, Giampaolo Stuani, Pablo Lentini Riva, Luca Fanfoni and about 50 others. Amongst its large projects, OnClassical is producing, besides the support of international label Brilliant Classics , the complete Pre-Bachian works of Buxtehude, Boehm, Reincken, Froberger, Walther, Pachelbel, Bruhns, Hanff, with the discovered talent Simone Stella. Amongst the featured artists are the charismatic Alessandro 'Deljamania' Deljavan and Roberto Poli. OnClassical features extraordinary artists in their most natural sound.Recordings are available in hd studio masters @ 88.2 kHz * 24 bit flac files.High-res art covers @ 300 dpi are included with the download.
  • For over twenty years, Ondine has remained true to its founding principle, the uncompromising devotion to excellence in recorded music. The label's mission is to support new creative efforts in the field of contemporary music, and to showcase renditions by top-rank artists which bring a new dimension to established works of the classical repertoire.
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