• 2017 Summer Moon, LLC
  • 2017 Wormholedeath Records
  • 2018
  • 2018 Andy Milne
  • 2018 Bay Festival Muzik
  • 2018 Eduardo Da Fonseca
  • 2018 Edward Simon
  • 2018 Kamai Music
  • 2018 Mayra Music
  • 2018 Michael Stephans
  • 2018 Mike McGinnis
  • 2018 Nikolaos Dervisis
  • 2018 Papadosio LLC.
  • 2018 Physical Education Recordings
  • 2018 Robert Fripp on behalf of King Crimson
  • 2018 Roman Filiu
  • 2018 Seek & Strike
  • 2018 Small Stone Records
  • 2018 Som Livre
  • 2018 Stu Mindeman
  • 2018 Tres Dedos Music | Distributed by GLAD Empire LLC
  • 2018 Walking Distance
  • 2018 Wormholedeath Records
  • 2018 Yair Slutzki BY PIL LTD
  • 2090
  • 20th Century Fox TV Records
  • The partnership between Adam Levine's 222 Records and Interscope Records began in June 2014. The new label is under Univeral Music Group. 
  • 2273 Records
  • The Hear Music label became a joint venture between Concord Music Group and Starbucks in 2007. The label develops emerging artists with inspired vision and extraordinary talent and also serves as a home for established artists with timeless resonance. Hear Music advocates creative control for artists and encourages musicians to stretch and take risks, which the new label believes will result in compelling music choices for consumers.
  • 2645
  • 2Chainz PS/Def Jam
  • THE NORDIC SOUND – The music captured by 2L features Norwegian composers and performers, and an international repertoire reflected in the Nordic atmosphere. The surround sound recordings of Lindberg Lyd do not only transform the entire listening experience, more radically, these innovative recordings overturn some very basic concepts regarding how music is played and even composed.
  • The 2xHD logo on an album cover indicates that the high resolution mastering was done using the 2xHD proprietary system to generate a unique listening experience. Created by producer/studio owner André Perry and prize-winning audiophile sound engineer René Laflamme, in collaboration with several high-end audio equipment manufacturers, the 2xHD music remastering system combines the best of vintage analog quality with state-of-the-art DSD and DXD digital technology – a ‘Back to the Future’ approach. Each musical project is treated with personal attention to the choice of equipment. Some of the top flight gear used in the process includes a selection of cutting-edge A/D and D/A converters - to obtain the most natural DXD sound, NAGRA-T tape recorder - modified with all tubes playback electronics (With its four direct drive motors and the tape sensor head, The NAGRA T is one of the best transports ever made), AMPEX tube Analog Tape Recorders (selected for their sheer musicality, these vintage recorders have all been adjusted and highly modified by 2xHD), DCS Converters (analog to digital ‘AD’ converters, modified and optimized by 2xHD, Pyramix Masscore (records all high resolution formats, allowing for great flexibility), an Atomic Clock for re-clocking, and Siltech & Shunyata cables (all digital and analog cables are reduced to a minimum optimal length in the digital conversion and mastering system). The open sound and the feeling that there’s no ceiling to the music are obtained through the 2xHD high resolution transfer. In the case of an original analog master tapes, transfer to DSD and DXD. In the case of an original 96/24 or DXD/DSD master, transfer is made to analogue using cutting edge D/A converters. 2xHD is an accurate and musical mastering system, earning recognition from peers and from the specialized trade publications around the world. FEEL THE WARMTH
  • 2xHD uses its proprietary process (see 2xHD label definition) to convert music masters from any format to the powerful DSD or DXD (352.8kHz/24 bits), from which all other high resolution formats can subsequently be made available. The process provides a more open sound and a feeling that there is no ceiling to the music. It is an accurate and musical mastering system, earning recognition from peers and from the specialized trade publications around the world. A selection of some of the finest classical and vintage jazz from Naxos recordings is offered in a version re-mastered in the 2xHD proprietary system. PURE EMOTION
  • The 2xHD group of labels includes Ondine, one of the most respected labels in classical music. The proprietary 2xHD mastering system (refer to 2xHD label definition) brings a new dimension to established works of the outstanding ONDINE classical repertoire of leading artists originally recorded in DXD/DSD format.
  • Storyville Records is one of the world's greatest jazz record labels and the oldest independent jazz label in Europe. Now being released by 2xHD in the best sounding digital downloads money can buy.
  • 3 ADIM MÜZİK is a Turkish independent music label.
  • 3 Car Wreckords
  • 3 Legged Records
  • 3 Notes Management emerged from a lifelong passion for music and the eagerness to discover and support new emerging artists with talent, potential. Thanks to managing Balcony TV Madrid production, we are constantly in contact with new groups and artists. We are a music consultancy that offer tailor made services for artists. We offer full  management and vocal coaching for bands with an English repertoire. We believe in encouraging and supporting up and coming artists and future stars in the most personable way possible.
  • 30 Fevrier
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