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Sheffield Lab

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Sheffield Lab is the pioneering company that brought audiophile recordings to high profile, international status. In 1968, when the company began recording, long playing records were cut from analogue master tapes.  Sheffield's purist technique consisted of recording directly to the master disc without editing, bypassing the tape recorder.  Realistic impact, transparency and immediacy are the characteristics of Sheffield Lab Recordings.  Equipment manufacturers and audio enthusiasts found that Sheffield Records not only set the highest audio standard, but were also the ideal tool to demonstrate speaker systems.  In 2015, the Library of Congress gave special commendation to Sheffield Lab in the registry of historic recordings, for raising the bar of the quality of records.   Sheffield Lab is pleased to collaborate with HDTracks, with an initial release of nine albums, all originally recorded "live" from the microphones to the master disc.  The transfers, done at 96/24 resolution, are by Seth B. Winner.  They are from the analogue disc originals, which have been preserved in high quality vinyl.  Mr. Winner, known for his work with historic recordings of such artists as Arturo Toscanini, Bruno Walter and Artur Schnabel, meticulously works first in the analogue playback mode; utilizing a pair of refurbished Marantz Model 1 (“Consolette”) tube pre-amplifiers, he also pays great attention to stylus tracking (employing a Shure V15 Type Vx assembly), proper speed and pitch stability (which includes careful centering of the discs), and laborious elimination of any undesired noise, both by ear and by digital processing. Analogue to digital conversion was accomplished with Lucid’s 9624AD converter; the resulting digital signal was processed with various components of CEDAR’s Cambridge Restoration Suite and CEDAR’s background Decrackle and Retouch plugins that are part of the Sadie Disc Editing System, where the final editing and remastering were performed.    Sheffield Lab is pleased to enter into a relationship with HDTracks.  These releases will offer permanency to a catalogue of remarkable music and fine sound. 

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