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Toccata Classics is a label dedicated to producing recordings of the huge amount of top-notch classical music that the concert halls and major record companies are ignoring. We make a point of seeking out interesting composers from less familiar musical cultures and from all periods, in the Nordic and Baltic countries, in central and eastern Europe, Russia and further afield. Toccata Classics was launched in 2005 to bring you these forgotten gems. We now have over 200 CDs in the catalogue with, in the pipeline, recordings of music by Alkan, Auric, Bacevičius, Beck, Adolf Busch, Cotter Nixon, Dayas, Ernst, Farwell, Farkas, Juon, Hasse, Karayev, John Kinsella, Krenek, Loder, David Matthews, Nanino, Nenov, Nieminen, O’Brien, Raykhelson, Reicha, Sabaneyev, Sarro, Sekles, Shebalin, Tartini, Matthew Taylor, Telemann, Tomasi, Vladigerov, Robin Walker, Weinberg and many more. The journey on which Toccata Classics is launched might never end, but it will be an exciting voyage of discovery nonetheless. And we hope that you will want to come on board for the ride. That’s where the Toccata Discovery Club comes in. In the first place this music is being discovered for people like you (and then, of course, for audiences further afield, we hope). When you join the Discovery Club, you get instant access to everything we do at a considerable discount, and you’ll be able to buy each new CD — at a discount, of course — long before it comes into the shops. We want you to share our sense of excitement as each new recording is made and our anticipation as it nears release.

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