Contrastes Music Records
Contrastes Music Records

About The Label

Contrasts Records is dedicated to offering fine recordings specializing in classical guitar music, and its interrelationship with contemporary composers, flamenco, jazz, dance, theater, cinema, and photography. More specifically, Contrastes was born from the desire to leverage the creativity of young, talented musicians, despite the challenging economic context we are living in.According to the philosopher and musicologist Vladimir Jankelevitch in  Music and the Ineffable , music is an art of indetermination since it can not be pinned down, and has a capacity to engender limitless resonance. Music expresses and does not express, it expresses an infinite number of things, or expresses nothing, as you wish. It is an undefined expression, or an expression with multiple meanings. It is never simple. Consequently, it opens infinite horizons; it never expresses this.Our recordings are primarily defined by the musical vision of the artists we decide to work with. What really interests us, beyond the artist's technique and command of classical guitar repertoire, is a world that is capable of breeding an interpreter and the artist's personal vision of music as a phenomenon. Contrastes Records boasts an interdisciplinary team of professionals to handle everything from sound quality to booklet composition and marketing.

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