Musical Prophet - The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions

Available in Audiophile 192kHz/24bit, 96kHz/24bit, DSD 2.8MHz & DSD 5.6MHz

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Musical Prophet - The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions 13:22:20 $37.48
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# Track Title Length Format Sample Rate Price
1 Jitterbug Waltz 07:16 192/24 Album only
2 Music Matador 09:38 192/24 Album only
3 Love Me 03:19 192/24 Album only
4 Flying Colors: Flying Colors: Alone Together 13:19 192/24 Album only
5 Muses for Richard Davis (previously unissued 1) 07:34 192/24 Album only
6 Muses for Richard Davis (previously unissued 2) 08:21 192/24 Album only
7 Iron Man 09:11 192/24 Album only
8 Mandrake 04:46 192/24 Album only
9 Black, Brown and Beige: Come Sunday 06:28 192/24 Album only
10 Burning Spear 11:59 192/24 Album only
11 Ode to Charlie Parker 08:05 192/24 Album only
12 A Personal Statement 14:59 192/24 Album only
13 Music Matador: Music Matador (alternative take) 07:56 192/24 Album only
14 Love Me: Love Me (alternative take 1) 02:21 192/24 Album only
15 Love Me: Love Me (alternative take 2) 03:40 192/24 Album only
16 Flying Colors: Flying Colors: Alone Together (alternative take) 12:15 192/24 Album only
17 Jitterbug Waltz: Jitterbug Waltz (alternative take) 09:23 192/24 Album only
18 Mandrake: Mandrake (alternative take) 06:40 192/24 Album only
19 Burning Spear: Burning Spear (alternative take) 10:33 192/24 Album only

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Musical Prophet: The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions is the first official release of previously unissued Eric Dolphy studio recordings in over 30 years! This release of over 158 minutes of music contains the under-appreciated masterpiece albums Conversations and Iron Man recorded in New York City in July of 1963. Originally produced by Alan Douglas with 85 minutes of extremely rare, previously-unissued recordings from the sessions, the tapes had been stored in a suitcase with Dolphy’s personal belongings and given to friends Hale and Juanita Smith before he embarked on his fateful European trip in 1964. Five decades later, the suitcase was given to flutist/educator James Newton who then connected with Zev Feldman at Resonance and began working on this definitive edition of Dolphy’s 1963 New York studio sessions with the only copies of these tapes known to exist.

The limited-edition set features jazz greats such as saxophonist Sonny Simmons, trumpeter Woody Shaw, bassist Richard Davis and NEA Jazz Master Vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson plus others. The exhaustive booklet includes rare and previously unpublished photos by Chuck Stewart, Jean-Pierre Leloir, Val Wilmer and others; essays by jazz author and scholar Robin D.G. Kelley, Douglas label manager Michael Lemesre, Japanese Dolphy scholar Masakazu Sato, and co-producers Zev Feldman and James Newton; interviews with jazz icons Sonny Rollins, Sonny Simmons, Richard Davis, Henry Threadgill, Nicole Mitchell, Steve Coleman, David Murray, Bill Laswell, Oliver Lake, and Han Bennink,


2xHD is a record label which uses its proprietary system to process music masters originally recorded in analog or DSD or other format, to DSD in order to produce a unique listening experience.

The process uses a selection from a pool of high-end audiophile components and connectors.  In some cases even using battery power, so as to benefit from the cleanest power source possible.  This variable equipment combination custom tailored to each project, creates the most accurate reproduction of the original recording, unveiling information previously masked by the use of EQ, transformers, patch bays, extended cable length etc.  The selection of components is critical, as many A/D and D/A converters are unable to pierce through these filters that create a ceiling effect to the sound.  The 2xHD system preserves the dynamics of the original master and provides an open feeling to the sound.

2xHD was created by producer/studio owner André Perry and audiophile sound engineer René Laflamme, two dedicated music lovers determined to experience only the warmth and depth of the music without hearing the equipment. 

2xHD Mastering by: René Laflamme

2xHD Executive Producer:  André Perry

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