New 8th Day

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New 8th Day 51:58 $11.98
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1 Noneday [Carolyn Leonhart] 06:08 $1.49 Buy
2 I'm in the Mood for Love [Carolyn Leonhart] 05:46 $1.49 Buy
3 No Moonlight [Carolyn Leonhart] 04:22 $1.49 Buy
4 Sometimes I Think [Carolyn Leonhart] 03:48 $1.49 Buy
5 Whisper Not [Carolyn Leonhart] 06:20 $1.49 Buy
6 Daydream [Carolyn Leonhart] 06:06 $1.49 Buy
7 If I Should Lose You [Carolyn Leonhart] 04:51 $1.49 Buy
8 Home [Carolyn Leonhart] 06:12 $1.49 Buy
9 Photograph [Carolyn Leonhart] 04:15 $1.49 Buy
10 Moon River [Carolyn Leonhart] 04:10 $1.49 Buy

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These are a collection of songs I’ve written or rediscovered, based on their lyrics.” Leonhart says of her choices on New 8th Day. New tunes or old favorites, the singer and her band put their stamp on them. Wholly modern acoustic jazz with elements of pop, blues, folk and soul, this new album features the singer front and center in a collection of songs instantly appealing without catering to the lowest common denominator. The next step in this gifted singer’s career, New 8th Day is strong argument for making 2005 biggest year for Carolyn Leonhart so far.

"In a world full of cookie-cutter jazz vocalists and instant vanity CDs (just add water), it's rare to hear a singer who has both chops and discernible style. Carolyn Leonhart is one of the few: it's a pleasure to hear the intelligence and nuance in her delivery, and she also swings her posterior off. Add to all this an unusually interesting set of tunes and a sterling quartet, and you have a release that's a cut above most of what's out there today. Her title track is a catchy anthem for all those over-busy people who need a 'new 8th day' or 'Noneday' to relax in, and it's a pure delight to hear Leonhart wrap her sweet, supple voice around 'Daydream' and a modernized version of Jobim's 'Photograph.' New 8th Day is thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, a breath of fresh air in a cluttered field of sound-alikes." - Dr. Judith Schlesinger, All About Jazz