Ruiz-Pipo: Works with Guitar, Vol. 1

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Ruiz-Pipo: Works with Guitar, Vol. 1 1:00:14 $17.98
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1 Jarcias: No. 1, - 03:19 44.1/24 Album only
2 Jarcias: No. 2, - 03:08 44.1/24 Album only
3 Jarcias: No. 3, - 03:14 44.1/24 Album only
4 Estancias: No. 1, A Karl Scheit 03:17 44.1/24 Album only
5 Estancias: No. 2, A Alberto Ponce 02:22 44.1/24 Album only
6 Estancias: No. 3, A Angelo Gilardino 04:01 44.1/24 Album only
7 Trio en miniatures: I. Soliloquio y dialogo 02:47 44.1/24 Album only
8 Trio en miniatures: II. Bajo mediterraneo 01:48 44.1/24 Album only
9 Trio en miniatures: III. Jeux de dartes 01:43 44.1/24 Album only
10 Nenia (A Manuel de Falla) 06:42 44.1/24 Album only
11 Juegos: I. Entrada 03:35 44.1/24 Album only
12 Juegos: II. Moto perpetuo 02:51 44.1/24 Album only
13 Juegos: III. Interludio 02:47 44.1/24 Album only
14 Juegos: IV. Final 01:52 44.1/24 Album only
15 Tres en raya (Version for Guitar & String Quartet): I. Energico 06:09 44.1/24 Album only
16 Tres en raya (Version for Guitar & String Quartet): II. Cantabile 05:55 44.1/24 Album only
17 Tres en raya (Version for Guitar & String Quartet): III. Ritmico 04:19 44.1/24 Album only

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Antonio Ruiz-Pipo was one of the bravest and most progressive of the Spanish composers to escape the Franco dictatorship. His Andalusian background, Catalan training, residence in Paris and an enduring admiration of his ‘saint’ Manuel de Falla have all shaped his oeuvre. These solo and chamber works offer an overview of his career, from the poignant Estancias to the Mediterranean-influenced Trio en miniaturas which also represents Ruiz-Pipo’s fascination with the music of antiquity. Infused with elements of French lyricism and sultry Spanish moods, Ruiz-Pipo’s complex but humane musical idiom is richly deserving of discovery. Internationally acclaimed guitarist Wolfgang Weigel was born in 1954 in Saarbrucken. He studied at the music academies of Saarbrucken and Lubeck between 1970 and 1975, and later he became close friends with guitarist Karl Scheit in Vienna who became his artistic mentor. Weigel began to develop his international career as a performer and teacher in the 1980s and began to concentrate on contemporary music, focusing mainly on the repertoire of post-Franco Spain and South America.