Passo De Anjo

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“Frevo stands to the Capibaribe River like jazz to the Mississipi”. That sentence from Zé da Flauta, a prominent member of the Pernambucana music, borders the intentions of Passo de Anjo, the first CD issued by the Spokfrevo Orquestra Spokfrevo, one of the most celebrated groups in the new musical scene of Recife. In the same way as the mighty waters of the Mississipi irrigate different musical styles which flow into all over the planet, the course of the Cabibaribe feeds many tributaries that convey the rhythms of Brazil’s northeastern region (Nordeste). Among them, the rhythm most frequently associated to the state of Pernambuco is probably Frevo, which will complete its 100th anniversary of existence – and resistance – in 2007. Composed by 18 musicians, that orchestra was set up in 1996, during the rehearsals of the musical group “Na Pancada do Ganzá” (Accompanying the Beat of the Rattle), by Antonio Nóbrega, with the intention of widening the possibilities of this type of music by allowing solos by instrumentalists - common practice in Jazz – that maestro Spok (nom de guerre of Inaldo Cavalcanti) defines as freedom of expression: “One thing that I have always noticed in Frevo, is that musicians never had the opportunity to display their skills. They limited themselves to playing only what the composer had written in the score”, declared Spok to the journalist José Teles. “Frevo is a special type of music, different from all other types, very lively and conveying a special magic: that of transmitting happiness”, concludes he. This album, recorded in 2004 and initially launched independently, will improve its domestic visibility with this new edition through Biscoito Fino. Its repertory mingles frevos by great stars of this kind of music – maestros Clovis Pereira (“Ponta de Lança”) and Duda (“Nino, o pernambucano”), besides Levino Ferreira (“Lágrima de folião”,with the participation of Antonio Nóbrega’s violin, and “Mexe com tudo”, originally recorded by Pixinguinha in the decade of the 40ies) –, with geniuses of Nordeste’s universal music such as Hermeto Paschoal (“Nas quebradas”) and Sivuca (“Frevo sanfonado”, with the participation of the accordionist Genaro). Showing clearly that this 100 year old type of music continues to pour swaying and joy much beyond the banks of the Capibaribe, emerge new compositions by Spok with the guitarist Jõao Lyra (“Passo de anjo”), and Luciano Oliveira (“Ela me disse”), in addition to a kind of frevo derivative born in the state of Ceará, represented by “Pontapé”, by accordionist Adelson Vianna in another partnership with João Lyra, and “Frevo da luz”, by drummer Luizinho Duarte and clarinetist Carlinhos Ferreira with arrangements by the group “Marimbanda”, from Fortaleza, Ceará. Clovis Pereira and Edson Rodrigues are responsible for the arrangements of “Ponta de lança” and “Frevo aberto”, respectively. Spok was in charge of the other arrangements. After having watched a concert, the unsuspected jazzman Luis Fernando Veríssimo greeted that sonorous torrent with the following words: “The mighty Spokfrevo Orchestra performs from Vassourinha to Chico Science without missing a single note”. Spok emphasizes: “we receive the influence of several musicians, but what matters most is that we preserve our spirit. What we play is nothing but frevo”.