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TSRS's second album as a force in American post-bop is set to attract just as much attention as their debut ‘Rebel Roots'. Featuring members of the highly successful Tortoise, Isotope 217 and Chicago Underground Orquestra, Ted Sirota and his Rebel Souls have put together an unforgettable second album.

Sharing writing responsibilities across the album's eight numbers, the album is a testament to their extreme talent as both musicians and composers. The players display an astonishing passion for both the music and their instruments as Ted's exhilarating drumming leads them through the music.

It is clear from the name, that this group are uncompromising in pushing their political and social message. Encompassing a carnival of diverse influences, Propaganda remembers as much jazz as it is does every honey-pot of contemporary music that has evolved from jazz over the last 50 years.

Produced by Ted Sirota