Puzzles Like You

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Mojave 3's fifth album Puzzles Likes You, released in summer 2006, sees the band moving on - this time in a slightly unexpected direction.

Because, as Neil suggested in an interview with Pitchfork, the songs that make up the record are more immediate - poppy, even - than anything he and the band have written before. Puzzles Like You is filled with the life-affirming light of Mojave 3’s Cornish base - splashed with sunlight and the heady sparkle of summertime waves. The songs - taking their cue from the soaring lead-off single “Breaking The Ice” - fizz past, brimming with renewed confidence.

This effervescent poise is all the more impressive given that the album had a somewhat troubled genesis - its first incarnation was fully completed when a horde of mice decided to infest the studio, running amok among the band’s equipment and making a general nuisance of themselves. This created technical mayhem and caused considerable delays as well. Fortunately, an angel was waiting in the wings in the shape of Victor Van Vugt (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Beth Orton, Luna, Athlete) who stepped into the breach, took the recordings to his New York City studio, and completed a set of wonderful mixes in short order.

As a result, the melodic lilt of tracks like “Puzzles Like You”, “Running With Your Eyes Closed” and “Big Star Baby” shines sweetly through, while the wistful introspection of “Most Days” and “You Said It Before” is redeemed by warm tones and the deftest of sonic placement.

All of which means that Puzzles Like You is the most approachable, infectious and downright fun record that Mojave 3 have ever made - a fact reflected in the exuberant artwork supplied by artist / film director Thomas Campbell (whose film Sprout majored on Mojave and Halstead music) and the marvellously quirky video for “Breaking The Ice” directed by Bradley Beesley (Flaming Lips). It seems set, like all of its predecessors, to bring the band a wider audience - and when people fall under the spell of Mojave 3’s subtle and gorgeous music, they tend to stick around.