HDtracks Quality Commitment

Unrivaled Quality

While other digital music stores may sell millions of tracks, it's hard to be sure you're getting the quality you expect. With HDtracks, you can be sure any title you purchase is at the advertised quality. We employ a team consisting of engineers, musicologists & music industry veterans that verify every hi-res title in our store has true 24-bit activity and proper frequency cut-off. HDtracks does not accept lower resolution files simply converted to a higher sample rate, and in these cases the native recording resolutions are requested. In the few exceptional cases where an album was mastered at a higher resolution than the multi-tracking or mixing. HDtracks clearly notes this in detail directly on the album page to the best of our ability to ensure transparency to our customers.

A CD quality file has a 44.1 kHZ 16bit range while Hdtracks files include 44kHz / 24bit all the way up to 352Khz / 24bit. This extends the samples per second and dynamic range for a more accurate representation of the music because the formats sold in the store are the same as the multi-track recordings. This represents exactly how the artists, mixing and mastering engineers intend the music to sound before being downgraded for cd's and even further for mp3's and streaming.

HDtracks Testing Process in Detail

1. Verify 24 Active Bits

Every 24-bit recording is tested to verify that it has 24 active bits. If an album is upsampled from 16-bit, it would fail this test and be rejected.
Shows TRUE bitrate of file

2. Frequency Spectrum Analysis

Spectrum analysis of 96/24 file.

Spectrum analysis of 96/24 file

Spectrum analysis of 192/24 file.

Spectrum analysis of 192/24 file

Next we analyze the frequency spectrum of the recording to ensure that it fully represents the advertised frequency range.

3. Realtime Frequency Check

We check the real-time frequency with music as well as analyze activity in mono and stereo channels.
Real-time frequency of 96/24 file

Real-time frequency of 96/24 file

4. Spectogram

Spectrogram of 96/24 file

Spectrogram of 96/24 file

Spectrogram of 192/24 file

Spectrogram of 192/24 file

Finally, we verify the activity in the frequency ranges in decibels and map the dynamic range of the frequency ranges.

Want to know more about who is testing HDtracks files? Check out our team bio.