Ravel: Daphnis et Chloe

Available in Audiophile 176kHz/24bit & 88kHz/24bit

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Ravel: Daphnis et Chloe 54:19 $17.98
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# Track Title Length Format Sample Rate Price
1 Scene 1: Invocation to the Nymphs 6:27 88/24 Album only
2 Scene 1: Entrance of Daphnis and Chloe 0:50 88/24 Album only
3 Scene 1: Dance of the Young Girls Around Daphnis 0:59 88/24 Album only
4 Scene 1: Dorcon's Advance to Chloe 2:12 88/24 Album only
5 Scene 1: Daphnis Reasserts His Love for Chloe. The Dorcon-Daphnis Dance Contest for a Kiss from Chloe 0:32 88/24 Album only
6 Scene 1: Dorcon's Grotesque Dance 1:37 88/24 Album only
7 Scene 1: The Gracious Dance of Daphnis 2:31 88/24 Album only
8 Scene 1: The Triumph of Daphnis and the Ecstatic Union with Chloe 0:57 88/24 Album only
9 Scene 1: Entrance of the Temptress Lyceion and Dance of Veils 2:00 88/24 Album only
10 Scene 1: The Invasion of the Pirates and Daphnis's Unsuccessful Efforts to Save Chloe 1:41 88/24 Album only
11 Scene 1: Invocation to Pan by the Nymphs and the Prayer of Daphnis 5:03 88/24 Album only
12 Scene 2: Interlude 3:14 88/24 Album only
13 Scene 2: The Orgiastic Dance of the Pirates 4:00 88/24 Album only
14 Scene 2: Bryaxis Orders Chloe to Be Brought Forward and to Dance 0:29 88/24 Album only
15 Scene 2: Chloe's Dance of Supplication 4:14 88/24 Album only
16 Scene 2: Creatures of Pan Appear and Frighten the Pirates, Who Flee in Terror, Leaving Chloe Alone with a Shining Crown 1:12 88/24 Album only
17 Scene 3: Sunrise. Daphnis Prostrate at the Grotto of the Nymphs 3:47 88/24 Album only
18 Scene 3: Daphnis and Chloe are Reunited 1:49 88/24 Album only
19 Scene 3: Lammon Tells How Pan Saved Chloe in Memory of His Love for the Nymph Syrinx. Daphnis and Chloe Act out the Story. 2:01 88/24 Album only
20 Scene 3: Pan (Daphnis) Fashions a Flute from Some Reeds, on Which He Declares His Love for Syrinx (Chloe) 2:28 88/24 Album only
21 Scene 3: Abandoning Their Roles, the Lovers Embrace and Kneel at the Altar of the Nymphs 2:06 88/24 Album only
22 Scene 3: Girls Dressed as Bacchantes Enter with Tambourines 0:13 88/24 Album only
23 Scene 3: Young Men Invade the Scene, and Joyous Tumult Prevails in Tribute to the Triumph of the Lovers 3:57 88/24 Album only

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℗ Originally Recorded 1955. All rights reserved by BMG Music.


Maurice Ravel (1875-1937): Daphnis et Chloe (Complete Ballet)

Boston Symphony Orchestra
New England Conservatory Chorus and Alumni Chorus
Robert Shaw, chorus director; Lorna Cooke de Varon, associate director
Charles Munch, conductor

Recorded June 23 & 25, 1955

Recorded in Symphony Hall, Boston MA

Producer: John Pfeiffer
Recording Engineer: Leslie Chase
Mastering Engineer: Mark Donahue
Remastered from first-generation session tapes at Soundmirror Inc., Boston MA

Among the finest in the Living Stereo canon, this recording was captured by two carefully-placed microphones in front and above the orchestra.  For this session, the orchestra was set up on the floor of Symphony Hall, with the chorus arranged on the stage behind and above them.  The mics were connected to an RCA RT-21 quarter-inch 2-track tape recorder running at 30 inches per second. Remastering engineer Mark Donahue used as his source those original first-generation session tapes.

The Boston Symphony Orchestra led by Charles Munch performs Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloe. Munch delivers an interpretation that is powerful and sensuous. American Record Guide praised the album stating “The Performance is a triumph…this is the stuff of which history is made.” Absolutely essential. This recording has long been a favorite among RCA Living Stereo fans and collectors.  Munch's pacing is somewhat faster than his later, 1961, recording.