Roger Waters The Wall

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Roger Waters The Wall 1:43:00 $24.99
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1 In the Flesh? (Live) 04:15 48/24 Album only
2 The Thin Ice (Live) 02:48 48/24 Album only
3 Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1 (Live) 04:09 48/24 Album only
4 The Happiest Days of Our Lives (Live) 01:28 48/24 Album only
5 Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 (Live) 03:46 48/24 Album only
6 The Ballad of Jean Charles de Menezes (Live) 02:55 48/24 Album only
7 Mother (Live) 06:45 48/24 Album only
8 Goodbye Blue Sky (Live) 03:40 48/24 Album only
9 Empty Spaces (Live) 02:47 48/24 Album only
10 What Shall We Do Now? (Live) 01:31 48/24 Album only
11 Young Lust (Live) 04:03 48/24 Album only
12 One of My Turns (Live) 03:26 48/24 Album only
13 Don't Leave Me Now (Live) 04:13 48/24 Album only
14 Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3 (Live) 01:23 48/24 Album only
15 Last Few Bricks (Live) 03:15 48/24 Album only
16 Goodbye Cruel World (Live) 01:33 48/24 Album only
17 Hey You (Live) 04:43 48/24 Album only
18 Is There Anybody Out There? (Live) 02:42 48/24 Album only
19 Nobody Home (Live) 03:44 48/24 Album only
20 Vera (Live) 01:09 48/24 Album only
21 Bring the Boys Back Home (Live) 01:55 48/24 Album only
22 Comfortably Numb (Live) 07:35 48/24 Album only
23 The Show Must Go On (Live) 02:32 48/24 Album only
24 In the Flesh (Live) 04:43 48/24 Album only
25 Run Like Hell (Live) 06:28 48/24 Album only
26 Waiting for the Worms (Live) 04:01 48/24 Album only
27 Stop (Live) 00:31 48/24 Album only
28 The Trial (Live) 06:30 48/24 Album only
29 Outside the Wall (Live) 04:30 48/24 Album only

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Roger Waters The Wall is produced by Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Beck, Paul McCartney) and offers an exhilarating listening experience for generations to enjoy. It is the ultimate concert souvenir – not only for the fans who saw the show, but for those who weren't there or who may be discovering "The Wall" for the first time.

Roger Waters The Wall also serves as a companion piece to the feature film, ROGER WATERS THE WALL. Directed by Sean Evans and Roger Waters, ROGER WATERS THE WALL fuses the epic and the personal to operate on three levels simultaneously: as an immersive concert experience; as a road movie of Waters' reckoning with the impact of war on his own family; and as a stirring antiwar film about the human cost of conflict. The film premiered in a "one night only" global cinema presentation in September, drawing hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide.

Originally released in 1979, Pink Floyd's "The Wall" was the band's first narrative concept album. Waters drew from personal history to chart the life and times of the central character, a mentally disintegrating rock star haunted by the wartime death of the father he never knew. The album's thematic content and musical mastery, exemplified by worldwide chart-topper "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)" and radio staples "Run Like Hell" and "Comfortably Numb," struck a chord with audiences worldwide.  Pink Floyd's subsequent 1980-81 tour for the album was unprecedented in its use of sets and theatrics, but the scale of production limited it to 31 dates in just four cities. "The Wall" wouldn't be seen again until 1990, when Waters and an all-star cast performed a benefit production on the site of the no-man's-land that had until recently divided West and East Germany. Twenty years later, concertgoers had the opportunity to experience "The Wall" anew, and millions of fans affirmed that its message and music remain potent and relevant as ever. WithRoger Waters The Wall, that opportunity lives on.