Schatten der Ideen

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3 Distentio 17:32 44.1/16 Album only
4 Shadows of Cold Mountains 3 11:45 44.1/16 Album only

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Distentio is musically based on the philosopher Aurleius Augustinus' thoughts and meditations about time. Each movement corresponds to a version of these thoughts - the glissando movement (the past), the pizzicato (the present), and the harmonics (as the most unreal sounds, with the future).

Schatten der Ideen is a study in unison, where the piano functions as a shadow of the strings or vice a versa. Ursache und Vorvitz, is a study in curiosity and is based on a renaissance engraving of a man who, driven by curiosity, puts his head through the earth's crust to catch a glimpse of the cosmos behind it. The work concludes with an endless "cosmic" glissando.

Shadow of Cold Mountain 3 translates the gestural - calligraphic images of artist Brice Marden into sound - a world of color and sound reflected in a series of interference and difference tones.

The four works on this disc are performed by one of Germany's leading chamber groups, Ensemble Recherche. Founded in 1984, they are dedicated to contemporary music. Each member of the ensemble performs as a soloist and chamber musician, forming various ensembles within the group including both string trio and woodwind (flute, oboe and clarinet).

Liner notes are by Richard Toop and the composer.

"The performances seem ideal, and the production values are excellent... they've given me much pleasure and stimulation over the past month." - Robert Carl, Fanfare