Set of Five

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12 Toki No Mon (A Gate into Infinity) 14:44 44.1/16 Album only
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This collection presents a view of Pacific Rim influences in modern classical composition. Among the many structural inventions, devices and languages developed in western art music during the twentieth century there exists a profound eastern influence.

This influence is sometimes overt (as in the Cowell and Harrison trios), with the use of exotic percussion and a the-world-is-one inspiration. It is sometimes implicit (as in the Cage and Satoh pieces), which opens time to, in Satoh's English, "not simply progress from past into future, but slowly describes a circle."

The Hovhaness piece, of five invocations, delves further through cultural icons to the ancient Armenian sun god, Vahakn.

"One admires the trio's great skill at getting across music whose deceptively simple surface conceals great intellectual depth, even at its most playful." - Fanfare