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Marie Daulne is Zap Mama. She's gone on an exploratory odyssey on Seven. The rhythms are just as compelling and the vocals are just as inventive, but generally not quite as complex as those to which we are accustomed, for this recording features a variety of band arrangements to complement the vocals. For example, the driving rhythm and guitar work of the very first tune could be from King Sunny Ade, at least up until the last when the tune segues to a bit of the reggae "No Man No Cry." The next song starts with a bass and vocal section entirely reminiscent of the a cappella Zap Mama. Then the sultry saxophone comes in and you realize that there will be no predicting what's to come, except that it will be one fascinating album, which truly deserves the 'world' categorization. Though there are no a cappella tracks there is no mistaking the unique vocal arrangements of Zap Mama.

"Marie Daulne's soul music is as old as the Sahara and fresh as the beats du jour. Seven completes Zap Mama's metamorphosis from an impressive a cappella group to a cutting-edge collective that whips up a tasty stew of hip-hop, jungle, reggae, pygmy chants and global pop... the possibilities are endless." - Billboard