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The pieces on this recording are concerned with everyday life. Two are about casual conversation and two are about familiar kinds of music. Each tries to create a new view of its subject, to make the familiar into something special, even ideal. In a real sense these pieces are musical documentaries: musical-photographic images and transformations of their subjects.

Sometimes when at the edge of consciousness, perhaps just falling asleep or even day-dreaming, sounds that are familiar will lose their usual ring and take on new meaning. Conversation in particular has this ability to change its nature when one no longer concentrates on the meaning of the words. I remember when I was a child falling asleep in the back seat of a car as my parents chatted up front. I no longer noticed what they were saying but rather heard only the intonations, rhythms and contours of their speech. The "music" of their talk was familiar and comforting, and as I drifted off it blended in with the noise of the road.

"Lansky's genius ... centers on the human voice .. in its possibilities, in much the way Cubists worked household goods." - Fanfare