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SONaR 46:47 $20.00
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1 vere meininga 23:20 96/24 Album only
2 det var mjukt 3:22 96/24 Album only
3 dette blanke no 20:05 96/24 Album only

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"SONaR is a sound signal sent out to create an echo from whatever it may encounter and thus reveal the unknown. I think we all send our symbolic sonars into physical and spiritual space, in a constant search for meaning. At least I do. And my life and music represent both this child's sonars and the universe's ever-unfolding answer." - Magnar Am

"The music is insistent, powerful and existential, bringing out the dramatic qualities of the instrument. In the cadenza the electric harp with all its effects carries on a dialogue with its acoustic counterpart, as if the new and the ancient world were melting together; a Mongolian shepherd's song winds its way between the strings." - Ellen Sejersted Bodtker