Songs of Earth, Water, Fire and Sky: Music of the American Indian

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9 Oklahoma Two-Step 8:34 44.1/16 Album only

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Music of the San Juan Pueblo, Seneca, Northern Arapaho, Northern Plains, Creek, Yurok, Navajo, Cherokee, and Southern Plains Indians

Produced and annotated by Charlotte Heth, a member of the Cherokee nation of Oklahoma and a noted ethnomusicologist.

The importance of American Indian music is found not in its impact on modern scholarship and composition but in the traditions and values it expresses to and for the Indian people. This oral tradition has survived solely because the music was too important to be allowed to die. The emphasis in this recording is on musical value: the music of the first Americans can speak for itself.

This excellent collection documents a wide swath of American Indian music recorded on location in a variety of settings in 1975, complete with a historic and musicological analysis of each piece.